I’ve been hearing a lot of things about faith since I became active in Catholic activities. About leaving things to faith… Believe in God, have faith in Him and place your trust in Him that everything will be all right.

But what happens when things don’t turn out right? I guess that’s the mentality (mine included) of the people nowadays. We put our trust in God to help us and when we feel that He didn’t, we start to lose our faith in Him. How many of us had pray for certain favors and only meet with disappointments in the end?

I too had my fair shares of trusting in God. But things do turn out not like I hope it to be too. What would I do then if that happen? I always wondered.

Recently I was bothered with certain issues that really made me felt dead, unmotivated, sad, down, low… Whatever negative feelings you may know, I might have had it. And I prayed over and over for things to get better. But till now things aren’t better. Perhaps its because that I keep praying that made me feel as if I don’t trust in Him. Perhaps I felt better if I did pray. But that doesn’t mean I have faith now do I? Perhaps things will better if I just trust in Him to know what’s best and let Him work His wonders.

And then I realized, once I left that part of me for Him to worry over, a part of my burden seemed to have lifted. I became happier for I know He’s with me. Amazing right… Well that feeling isn’t permanent though. I still have the struggles every now and then. But at least I do know of a way to trust him now. A way to put my faith in Him. And perhaps be my true self without worrying how I should be instead. Because I leave what other people think of me to Him.

And that, my friend, made me feel a bit more… alive… 🙂