Will I be able to see the end of this particular chapter of my life? There are so many chapters out there which has it’s own journey. Ultimately all of it could lead to happiness but whether they lead to the happiness one desired or not is still uncertain.

Have you ever watched a movie where at the end, the people were crying because they lost something special to them? That shows that the particular journey didn’t really work out well for them.

Want to know what will happen if you find true happiness after all the hardships you face? You’ll cry as well. Cry not because you’re sad, but because you finally achieve that one thing you set out to do. After all the hardships you have gone true, you break down and cry just because… you have done it.

Can you imagine that type of happiness?

Perhaps its easy for us to imagine it but do we actually feel that particular happiness at the end of a journey? Or normally when we reach the end, we forgot to look back at all that has happened on our journey there. Take this moment and look back at all that has happened. Now… Are you happy you got here? If you are not, do something about it 😛

And still I wonder. Will I be able to see this to the end?