I’m quite sure many of us live a 2-faced life. Being good on the surface but being evil beneath that. Or the rarer, being evil on the surface but is good and kind on the insides. And sometimes both good and evil surfaces at the same time. I would like to think of those times as the time when you are contemplating to do something good or bad. These time ranges from the serious moments to the mundane moments.

I too have those moments. A rare few knows how evil I really could be on the insides. Sometimes I felt as if I’m wearing a mask on the surface. Regardless of how good I may try to be, it can’t completely shun out the evil side of me. Hence when no one else is looking, the evil side of me surfaces.

There are times where the good side manage to prevails. But there will also be times when all good seems to have vanished. I’ll have to say sorry to all those people who seen the dark part of me.

But recently, for an ultimate goal, I’m trying to persist in being Jekyll and resist from turning into Hyde. I know it’s like trying to make a deal with God to gain a favor. But I really don’t know how else to achieve the goal without killing the bad side of me. Hope He will understand.