I remembered seeing the undergraduates going home a few months back and it’s hard to imagine that they will be around again starting next week. And the faculty will become once more a noisy place. Sometimes looking at their carefree faces made me wonder if I could return to those days. Days when all I have to worry about are attending classes and exams. I guess a lot of things end when you graduate. There are no longer those moments when I can just sit somewhere in the faculty and chit chat with friends for hours while waiting for class to begin. Gone will be the times when I sat and slept at the library while studying for the papers. Haha… I seemed to miss those times.

And its hard for me to wonder why some undergraduates are so reluctant to return back to their campuses after the holiday. Browse through a few junior’s blogs and all they seem to talk about is OMG… I DON’T WANNA GO BACK (exception for NanaLana who seemed to be excited though). You had your fair share of holidays at home. What’s wrong with spending another few months here and then after your finals return home again. Haha. I can’t seemed to understand them. Maybe they are still young, naive and immature :P.

But still, university life is just once in a lifetime. After you graduate you won’t be able to return to it. Even if you do (like I did), nothing will be the same. So quit the homesickness and live life to the fullest, wherever you are. Or you may find yourself hoping to go back to that part of your life which you missed cause you are homesick.