How do you choose a leader?

Can anyone answer that?

Does it normally take courage for someone to be a leader?

Or people are just naturally born a good leader or a terrible leader?

Last Wednesday I attended an AGM. It was for the Graduate Students Club of FPSK, UPM. Now, my past experience with AGM don’t seem to be a good one. Everytime I attended an AGM there will surely be something in store for me somewhere. I remembered the Photography Club in Secondary School I was in the committee. The Petanque Club also was vice-president. And there was that time in Red Crescent Society, a president. I was class monitor for 5 years straight out of…  5 years there… And then onto Matriculation where I spent a good time relaxing.

And then come university time, CSSUPM AGM, president… Biomedical Club UPM, committee member… Biomedical Annual Dinner 2006, treasurer… And then even after finishing my undergraduate life, I was also almost nominated for post in the recent CSSUPM AGM again… –.-‘’.. And then subsequently became the auditor for the current batch of CSSUPM exco.

But the one which took the surprise cake was the AGM last Wednesday. I attended the AGM cause I thought I should just pop up and see what goes on in the club and all. I also had the notion to skip the AGM due to my history with AGMs but in the end I went.

And guess who is the new President of the Graduate Students Club? –.-‘’

It’s the same instance as how I got elected during the past CSSUPM AGM. Emcee announce that we can start nominating… And Annie’s hand shot up into the air and she said ‘I nominate Alan Tan’… First name on the board some more. This time it was Darren’s (labmate) hand which shot up into the air. And after the vote was cast, everything was done… And what left is me standing there… A bit confused and a bit… err… irritated.

I didn’t do much for most of the post I held before this. Came under criticism a few times some more. And yet I’m at that spot once more. How do they choose someone to be a leader?

I always felt more comfortable being freelance. Helping out wherever I can but not being bounded by responsibility. And now I have that responsibility once more. I mean… Shouldn’t we choose someone who enjoy doing the job instead?

Shouldn’t we?