Recently the setbacks to my project have let me unmotivated and a bit down. I knew life as a post-graduate isn’t easy but I never expected it to be this frustrating. I was on my lowest a few weeks back when nothing seemed to move. Everything was stuck. I was moody and everything seemed to have gone wrong.

My supervisor had set up a time limit. If there is still no progress by then, I’ll be moving on to plan B. Plan B is to start anew. I’ve been working on my project for a year now. And to start anew feels like I’ve wasted some time. On the other hand, starting anew may just be the only way to get my motivation back.

So I decided to look upon the plan of starting anew. I set up a meeting with my supervisor yesterday. And asked her about the prospect and also plans for the new project. And would you know it. I like it. She even gave me an alternative Plan C which I could work upon. So currently I can consider either to take Plan B or Plan C.

I’ve rarely felt the burden of the post-graduate life being lifted off but it did ease a little after knowing the choices I had. I thought about it for sometime and thanks to Tina (she really supported me btw), I made an all-win decision. To do what I can for my project first and if its stuck, move to Plan B or C and when Plan A becomes unstuck, proceed with it. Sounds a bit farfetched so God please help me.