I recently gotten a magazine about certain tips and techniques in photography that I thought could be shared with everyone else here. There are a few and since it’s kind of hard to do it all in one go, I’ll separate this into sections.

The first tip in this particular magazine (It’s Volume 2 of Photographic: Digital Photography Guide btw) is the Rule of Thirds

Tip #1: Rule of Thirds.


Rules of third

The Rule of Third (RoT) is considered the ‘Golden Rule’ of Composition but not all photos will have to comply with this rule. It will still give you a basic idea on where you want the focus of the photo to be at. The intersected areas of vertical and horizontal lines are area of focus (or as introduced by the magazine as ‘power points’). If you want to emphasize on something then it will be a good idea to place these items on these four points.


Examples of such photos will be like:

Rule of third 1


Rule of third 2

The photos of the flowers were set on the vertical line and not in the center of the photo and it sits on the areas with the power points. Another method used to give emphasis on the flower was the blurring of the background and also the contrast of the flower’s color to background color. There are still flaws in these shots since there are still unwanted items at the background which are disturbing the main focus.

Another particular method is to use the horizontal lines as a guideline to where to put the horizon in scenery photos as shown below.

Rule of third 3

The photo isn’t really a good photo in my opinion since there were too much blue in it. But you may notice that the small island and the bright part of the sky sits on the power points while the horizon is on the lower horizontal line. Now try to imagine a photo with the horizon on the center. Will it work out? Perhaps. But to me it’s still pleasing to see the horizon as in the above photo.

Another tip here would be that if you are taking moving photos, its good to put the subject on the power point as if the subject is moving to the center of the photo.

Observe the following example.

Rule of third 4

The eagle is found at the lower left power point. But it looks as if it’s moving out of the photo. This shot will definitely look better if the eagle was on the lower right power point moving towards the center of the photo.

Of course you could always take a big photo and crop it down so that the focus is at where you want it to be.

For additional information and a few photos showing the RoT, check out this link.


I’ll be updating more in time. So have fun taking photographs.