Going to have to start blogging again. If not, this blog will become a dead blog. So here we go…

Just came back from Kota Bharu, Kelantan; RCMM 2009. RCMM stands for Regional Conference on Molecular Medicine, which is basically the field of study I’m currently in. So it was quite an eye opener for me.


(This might sound a bit similar to what a particular speaker spoke about in the conference… but still worth sharing nevertheless) The difference between research within Malaysia and other countries are really quite far apart. As far as I could observe, most research done in Malaysia are product orientated, as in research on items that may bring $$ in the future. I understand the importance of this as in Malaysia, research institutions are mostly funded by the government and the allocation that is given from the government towards research is also not that prominent (There’s also the bias by which the budget will favor those which may generate income for the country as well). But this caused us to be left behind in other types of research, such as basic research, the fundamentals (Which often has a higher uncertainty rate). But its through the fundamentals that we could actually learn new things and discover new methods and process which may lead towards greater and heavier impact towards research. Sadly, this is not widely realized by those in authority here in Malaysia. But still regardless of that, research in Malaysia, in its own speed, is making progress.


RCMM 2009 is held in Renaissance Hotel, KB, which is really quite a grand hotel. Love the place so much. It’s been quite a while since the last time I had the pleasure of indulging myself into the lifestyle of the rich.


~The room I stayed in for the 5 nights I was there~

The whole conference was also quite nicely planned out. A minor matter which cross my mind is possibly that while it is stated that this is a Regional conference, by which I thought would be more less for the Asian Region… I found that the support from other Asian countries may have been a bit… lacking. But nevertheless, I’m quite sure that the conference was a great success.



~The ballroom where the conference was held~

Another down part is… It had to rain for the few days we were there and that made sightseeing quite an impossible sight.

The food was great for the few days we were there. Lunch and dinner and the BBQ was good. It was like being back home again when I can eat normal food and eat it in bulk. I’m eating more of fast food and bread here in KL 😦




~Lunch and dinner was great. And very filling… I returned a few pounds heavier than when I left… Luckily AirAsia weight limit is only for check in baggage and not for the passenger.~



~The food during the BBQ session was also alright. Except, it wasn’t really a BBQ since we were sitting on chairs and eating in a hall… I thought BBQ would have been a bit… wilder than that… As in BBQ in the open air, with those sticks of food over the fire etc~

I also managed to visit INFORMM in USM (Institute of Molecular Medicine) and although small, the labs seemed to be quite well equipped. Everyone was friendly during the visit here.



~The insides of INFORMM sort of remind me of those nice comfortable budget hotels you can find while backpacking~



And there are those other photos I took at the hotel… Overall, I’m sort of looking forward to the next trip out. A new chance to learn something else and to experience new things… As well to get out of the life I have in KL for a moment would be nice 🙂


All that worries me now is the process of claiming back all the expense we had there. Lets just hope its not a problem.