Earth Hour has come and gone… Have you done your part?

And for those who did do their part… What did you do during that one hour of darkness??

Hope it was something special.

I was at St. Anne’s chapel during Earth Hour, attending the mass there. The recent electrical problems in the chapel made the Earth Hour this year very natural and longer than the supposed ‘hour’.

The chapel was in darkness for the whole 2-3 hours that the mass was held because we couldn’t turn on the electricity even if we wanted to.

But then, it was special nevertheless…

Where else could you celebrate mass in candle light aside from during the Easter Triduum…

So here’s a few photos of the night

Earth Hour1

~It was pitch black…Lol… Imagine if all the photos were like this…~

But then… They’re not…

Earth Hour2

~Preparing for mass… It was still bright outside~

Earth Hour3

~It might be hard for the musician to play the music in the candle light…~

Earth Hour8

~And so more candles were lit up for them~

Earth Hour4

~Sky outside has finally turn dark~

Earth Hour5

~Dominic’s praying~

Earth Hour6

~Some changes in camera setting while the rosary was on-going~

Earth Hour7

~And the candle kept on burning~

Earth Hour9

~And burning…~

Earth Hour10

~And burning… (I like the hand movement effect in this photo)~


Earth Hour is finally over… But what we did on that night (all the turning off the lights and ‘saving’ energy)… Did we did it because it was the in-thing of that moment? Did we all turn off the lights because everyone else is doing it? Because the radio stations, the newspapers were telling you to? Because your friends are telling you to?

Then after the hour is over, do we just go on back to our normal lifestyle? Being how we were before and thinking that since the hour is over… We can just do what we want once more… Does it end just like that?

Earth Hour was carried out to teach you something… And the only question that I really think you  should answer now is… ‘Have you learn anything new?’