:edit: Apparently you can just link Pacmee up to WordPress by clicking on the share button on the widget. The downside to this is that you won’t be able to put it on your sidebar but rather publish it as a post instead. But this is cool since you can just make that post a sticky one and your widget will be there always 😛

So how do you?

I’ve been trying to find a way to allow for micro-blogging where I’m able to blog from my phone.

The choices I have will be either using the JAVA based web browser and GPRS option on my phone, or… use Twitter…

What is Twitter you ask??? Check out www.twitter.com

Ok… The thing about Twitter is that its not local. To actually update your Twitter account from phones will be expensive (or I think it is) since you are sending your sms to a foreign number… So that’s a no can do.

But recently WordPress had added a new widget to the web based widget list which is a Twitter widget… (I love it so much)

But the problem still remains… The charges to send updates to my phone from Malaysia should be expensive… So I played around somemore…

And I went back to a local Twitter-like option called Pacmee

Now Pacmee is similar to Twitter except it charges you everytime you want to post something up. And one SMS update will cost you 5 cents (which I think is really a fair price). But since its local, the chances of WordPress actually coming out with a widget for Pacmee will be almost non-existence. So that was why I didn’t bother to use it before.

But I hadn’t realize one thing…

Recently Pacmee allows for updates of Twitter accounts using Pacmee…

And there is your answer

1. Register for Pacmee and  Twitter



2. Log into your Pacmee web account.

3. Click on the update Twitter with Pacmee through SMS or MMS


4. Enable that option by inserting your Twitter account name and password into it.

5. Log into your WordPress.com blog

6. Go to your Dashboard, and then find the appearance option and then widget


7. Allow the usage of Twitter widget


8. And now the link has been done

SMS > Pacmee > Twitter > Your blog

Oh ya. Before I forget. Pacmee also has this 🙂


So you can do the same for your Facebook as well… Cheers 🙂

*Images taken for this post are not my property and all credits should go to Twitter.com and also Pacmee.com*