Managed to go to Ipoh last weekend with a bunch of girls (I went because I found myself more and more to be like a travelling freak)

It was more of a food trip… Since we were literally stuffing food down our throats for the whole one half day there.

And so there was 5 of us going up to Ipoh in a 3 hours or so bus ride… And we had our host ready in Ipoh to bring us on a food spree once we reached there…

And half and hour after arriving and we are already having our first meal…

This is the Ipoh’s Asam Laksa… Hot and Spicy and with a variety of fried add-on for you to choose… The stall was located beneath a huge tree and thus the name of the stall/food court is ‘Beneath the Tree’ or something in Chinese…

Ipoh trip 1

~The Asam Laksa~

Ipoh trip 2

~The Fried Add-ons~

After having that heavenly (and oily) asam laksa, we went for some desert and settled for this roadside soya bean stall… Apparently the soya bean stall was quite famous as it had made the newspapers a few times… We went to have Tau Fu Far in Soya Bean which was warm and took the spiciness of the asam laksa away. I noticed that most of the customers just drove in front of the stall and the waiter will take the order and later deliver the drinks to the customers in the car. Talk about the lack of self service… But apparently this was how things happen in Ipoh (Noticed the same for a salted chicken shop… Just drive and stop in front of it and the boss will bring a box out… Ask you if thats enough and then collect the payment.

Ipoh trip 3

~The tau fu far~

Ipoh trip 4

~The stall~

Ipoh trip 5

~The map on the name card of the stall… Impressive right? Since when do soya bean sellers have their own name card~

After having quite a filled beginning to the food trip, we finally checked into the hotel where we were to stay for that night…

Its called Fresh hotel… And like the name implies… It’s really fresh…

Ipoh trip 12

~The Fresh Hotel~

Ipoh trip 10

~So fresh that the lobby apparently have nothing else other than a water cooler and also a few chairs~

Ipoh trip 7

~But the rooms were perfect if not close to perfect… This is my room… I paid RM48 for the night but after seeing how clean and white the sheets are… It was worth it~

Ipoh trip 8

~The room wasn’t really big but since its only for me… It was okay… There was air conditioning…~

Ipoh trip 6

~And the toilets were clean too.. The doors are actually see through sliding door… So those girls who were peeping in could gaze upon my hunky body get a shock of their lives…~

Ipoh trip 11

~There was also an LCD TV in the room but it wasn’t really filled with any Astro channels other than the AEC or something… But local TV channels were there.~

Ipoh trip 9

~The phone number for those who would like to make reservations or something~

For that night, we had some of the best food court dish ever for dinner… We went to a food court near Jusco shopping mall… I forgot the name.. And ordered all sorts of different dishes ranging from Ikan Bakar, Sotong, Bak Ku Teh to snails (Yup… Snails… How I just love them)… There were also crab on sales… But then… We had quite a variety already and it was also a wonder none of us ordered any crabs… But we were really stuffed by the time that ended… (There are no photos of the night because Alan was too busy… stuffing food down again…)

Later that night, we went to Breeze… A western cafe somewhere in town also where it is really very breezy due to the bulk of fans blowing everywhere… We had too much for dinner so we just settled down for drinks…

I was so tired that night (Thanks to preparing for my Journal Club presentation a few nights before that once I reached my room… I slumped into bed and started snoring 😛 )

The next morning… I found something in my room that adds to the worthiness of staying in this hotel… But I am not saying it here… PM me to know what it was… 😛

Anyway… After checking out of the hotel… We went to this place…

Ipoh trip 20

~The Perak Chinese Amateur Dramatic Association… Where everything is dramatic… NOT!!! Its the Restaurant err… The tree is blocking the name… –.-‘’’~

But it really is a famous restaurant… Why?? Because people are queuing once more next to the table trying to rush you to eat faster so they can sit down after you leave…

But what’s so good till the people take their sweet time staying at the table…?


Ipoh trip 13

Ipoh trip 14

Ipoh trip 15

Ipoh trip 16

Ipoh trip 17

Ipoh trip 18

Ipoh trip 19

~Honestly it has been a long long time since the last time I had dim sum and hot tea for breakfast… And to imagine I have to travel to Ipoh to have some…~

After a really heavy breakfast… We visited a temple nearby… A bit of sightseeing to digest what we had…

Ipoh trip 21

~Acting as if I could pedal~

Ipoh trip 22

~I have no idea what those words mean..~

After the short trip… We went off to eat again… (Amazing bunch of girls right.. Just eat eat and eat…)

This time it was ice-cream…

Ipoh trip 24

Ipoh trip 25

Ipoh trip 27

Ipoh trip 23

~Just in case you didn’t know what I had… It was the last one~

20 minutes later…

Ipoh trip 28

And emerged a very very stuffed Alan…

Ipoh trip 29

~This was the ice cream shop we went to~

And after a bit of shopping for Ipoh delicacies… We went for our last food destination… Whoever that visits Ipoh will have to try this… Cause its their famous… Noodles with steam chicken and tauge…

Ipoh trip 30

And all of us went back a few kg heavier… Even the train seemed to buckle under our weight…

Last but not least… Some photo moments in front of the train station…

Ipoh trip 31

Ipoh trip 32

Ipoh trip 33

~Everyone is looking fatter than they were…~