Was the day when people looked upon my Facebook and my Friendster profile and ‘thought’ it was my birthday. Yup… Crazy me decided to change the birthday date of these 2 online sites to 6th of February, 10 days earlier than the real date of 16th February.




Rather than…




And so come 6th February…









~Hey… Regardless of the wrong date, I really do appreciate all your wishes… Hahaha… Especially LeiHong’s one… Finish PhD earlier… Of course I also want… But feels like impossible…~

Why did I do this? There are  2 reasons…

i) Read back what happened last year… Part 1 (now no longer protected but still really a bit too erm… sentimental… Hahaha) and Part 2

ii) I wanted to see how many people were dependent upon Facebook and Friendster to know other people’s birthday.


So after a bit of analysis, I finally compiled all the data collected.

A total of 40 people sent me wishes on these 2 days

Out of the 40 people… 22 of them sent me on the 6th of February… Now that means that 55% of those I know actually are dependent upon these 2 sites for birthday information.

So that sort of sums up how many of us are reliant on these sites for other people’s birthday. Actually I do think that we should have our own ways to remind us of other people’s birthday 🙂 So… I’ll be implementing KeaiSinn’s way of saving phone number, contact’s name and birthdates on the contact list of the phone… And then consistently make backups on my laptop…

So how did this year’s big day go?

Well… The celebration started off even before the month of February itself… When my family brought me to makan those crabs… It was early since I had to get back  to KL before the day itself… And the same happened last year too… Had my celebration with my family days or sometimes weeks before the real date… So celebrating early isn’t something weird to me…

Now due to the change in the days on Fb and Friendster… I’ve received sms and calls to go out on 6th itself… Most notably by SingYee and LeiHong… And we went to Alamanda to watch Red Cliff 2 and to makan dinner (I drove of course)…

Well… The big thing I wasn’t expecting was that they bought a few cakes and also sang the birthday song in Pizza Hut… Owwwhhh touched 🙂 Thanks girls…


6th Feb 1

~Me thinking it was a celebration with Pizza only~

6th Feb 2

~LeiHong insisting in serving me…~

6th Feb 3

~But she gave me the smallest slice… :P~

6th Feb 4

~After a while, out came a variety of cakes…~

6th Feb 5

~Lit with candles somemore~


6th Feb 6

~Alan is embarrassed and touched~

6th Feb 7

~But he blew anyway :P~

6th Feb 8

~Cuz SingYee said she’ll feed him if he do~


Red Cliff 2 was nice by the way… The usage of strategy in the battles are just nice… I enjoyed it even though I haven’t watch the 1st one… (Just watched in 3 days ago)…

After the movie, I bring the girls to this nice place in Putrajaya which I don’t know the name… Perhaps to thank them lor…

What place you ask???

This place…

6th Feb 9

~Nice right?~

and also where you can see this…


Feb 2

~A bit less nice~

But really thanks to this bunch of girls for celebrating…


Then there is the celebration in lab when Crystale  baked a cake… It was nice… And her hobby was baking… Cuz lately she’s been baking a lot… 😛



~Thanks dear labmates…~

And then there was another group whom called me out… But I think its better if I don’t say who these people are here… Because they seemed to be a bit agitated for the change of dates…

And cuz of that I’m also quite hurt 😛

Anyway… Thanks to you too…


Feb 3

~Celebrated at Pit Stop at Seri Kembangan area~

Feb 4

~It might have been simple but I thought it was sweet~

Feb 5

~Making my wish~

But regardless of how agitated you may be… I will still want to say that I really enjoy that night out as well… Thanks 🙂

Thanks to everyone that wished me as well 🙂