I ate some of the best crabs in Labuan before coming back to UPM. Dad brings us out for dinner last Saturday night to this place called Anjung Ketam which is located somewhere near Tanjung Aru… Just go onto the road towards Wong Wo Lo 2 housing area and then keeping going straight till you see a road leading away from the bigger road with the sign, Tanjung Aru on it… And the place is also closeby SK Tanjung Aru I think… Travel for about 5 minutes or so on the straight road and then you’ll see a blue sign on the right side of the road… Turn in there and you will see the small seaside restaurant with the best crabs in Labuan…

Labuan's crabs 1

~The view at night~

Labuan's crabs 2

~One of the stalls there… There are a total of three stalls here~

Labuan's crabs 3

~The seaside restaurant… Unfortunately, there is nothing to see out at sea at night around here… And be ready with a sweater or wear something warm as the sea breeze will continuously chill you..~

Labuan's crabs 4

~Steamed crabs~

Labuan's crabs 5

~The best dish of the night… Butter Garlic Crabs… Simply amazing… I started off with the steamed crabs but had this for the rest of the night after I taken a bite of it… The dishes shown here are from the rightmost stall… Gerai No 1~

The crabs are just so nice… And the price was really quite cheap as well…

Lets see… We had.. 2 plates of the steamed crabs as shown above… And then 2 crabs of the butter garlic crabs… And then a steamed fish… And a plate of oyster sauce cooked kailan… And 2 jugs of lime plum juice… And all of us… A party of 10 people… 5 kids… Couldn’t finish all of it and ended up tapao-ing back…

The price???

RM 170

Considering that you had 10 people eating for it… Everyone only pays RM17… And then… I had my fill of crabs until I couldn’t take in anymore of it…

It felt like an all you can eat buffet of crabs for RM17… Totally worth it…

I’ll definitely come again…

Anyone care to join me??