Happy Chinese New Year of the Ox 2009… I hope you don’t meet an angry ox this year 😛

But I do hope you will meet a golden ox this year…

Like this one

Lion dance 1


Anyway… Since its a happy time of the year… I’ll make up this story post by which I’ll tell you all of the story of the Lion’s journey


Once upon a time… In a land far far from KL.. There lived a lion who went on a journey… This lion has gone through many difficulties to complete this so called journey… And he has travelled far and wide to different houses to complete this one task handed down to him…

The one task that he must fulfill: Deliver a sacred scroll to a certain person


Lion dance 2

After travelling so far… He finally meet that person to whom he was suppose to give the scroll to… But the person wanted Lion to go through one final test


Lion dance 3

~The annoyed Lion~

Lion was annoyed of course with the final task given but he had to comply with it.

And the person told him his task… ‘ To successfully deliver the scroll to me… You must undergo a test of gravity… You shall walk on these long poles… And dance on them… If you are successful and you do not fall… You shall be awarded… But shall you fail in this… It will be pain and no ang pow for you this year…’


Lion dance 5

~And the Lion proceed to the poles~


He looked up and…

Lion dance 7

~Was shocked…~

WTF!!! The guy want me to die is it???

For before him… The poles stretched on and on…

Lion dance 4

~And Lion felt dizzy~

But deep inside, Lion knew that there wasn’t any other way to complete his task unless he went through with it…

So after taking a few deep breaths, Lion’s look had changed entirely… For he was determined…

Lion dance 6

~Bring it on, you long… poles~

And nearby the gong sounded over and over again… And the rhythm got Lion into a frenzy… He jumped up onto the first two poles and looked at what lies ahead for him


Lion dance 14

~The lights seemed to have dimmed and the crowds gathered to watch what was going to happen to Lion…~

Lion dance 12

~Lion was careful on his first steps on the pole~

Lion took on the battle with the poles… He still had uncertainties as to whether the poles were fully enforced into the ground or not, so his first move was to test out the two poles in front of him… When they didn’t give way under his weight he proceeded


Lion dance 11

~Lion getting the hang of things~

Lion moved on, he took a few more steps ahead, making things look easy for him… He was wondering deep inside, it can’t be this easy can it?


Lion dance 10

~And Lion moved on~

Suddenly, the earth seemed to tremble… Lion tried in vain to keep his footing on the poles but the trembles seemed to be too much and Lion lost it…

He fell face forward down the poles…

The crowd gasped

Lion thought it was over, that he couldn’t obtain that big fat angpow anymore… He closed his eyes, waiting for the thump that took forever to come


And waited…


I should have fallen by now, he thought and he opened his eyes slowly… And saw himself a feet or two above the ground…

What had happened, he wondered??

And he looked back and was startled…


Lion dance 8

~His hind legs were still on the poles…~

OMG!!!… I didn’t know I got such strong legs… He thought… It must have been all those milk I drank (So do drink milk for strong bones and possibly strong legs)

Slowly Lion regained a foothold of the poles and got back onto it…

The crowd cheered on as they saw Lion determination to get things done.


Lion dance 16

~And Lion was up once more~

He didn’t want to fall again… And he came out with his secret technique, the Crouching Lion, Hidden Leap…

He got into position…


And leapt…


Lion dance 17

~Lion’s movements was so fast that he blurred the cameraman’s photo shot…~

And the crowd got to the edge of their seats…

It was amazing, someone cheered…

And with that jump, Lion got through half of the poles in one leap…

He tried to make a second jump but the next poles seemed tricky…

Lion dance 18

~Lion still have to trot on slowly towards the end of the poles…~

No, he thought… I fell just now because I was too careful… And Lion got fired up once more… And he came out with a second Crouching Lion, Hidden Leap once more…


Lion dance 221

~And the disgruntled camera-man still failed to get the superb leap on his camera~

And the crowd wowed once more… And Lion felt his legs hitting solid ground… He had made it…

Lion was so happy that he stood up on his hind legs and spat out the scroll which he kept inside his mouth

Lion dance 19

~Lion made it~

And the person came and said to him… You have done it… You have done what you had set up to do and with that I thanked you and handed Lion and big red angpow…


Lion dance 20

~And the person took the scroll from Lion’s mouth…~

And it was over

Lion was exhausted and he went for a nap right after he handed the scroll to the person


Lion dance 9

~Lion napping with another one of his friend called Lion~


Hope you enjoyed the lame story… Hahaha


Happy Chinese New Year to you all…


YeeSang 1

~Hope you did go and lao some Yee Sang~