First off… The C Reunion Dinner was held at a restaurant which I had visited at least twice before this for other dinners. My first visit to JUMBO restaurant at South City was when it was still called Golden Lake restaurant. And that happened during my 1st year CAD back in 2005.

The second time I ate another dinner at this restaurant was during the 2008 CSSUPM Annual Dinner (alternative review-same author) last March. And by chance the Reunion Dinner is held at the exact same room as the CSSUPM Dinner. So guess I’m quite acquainted to the place already.


~Sorry the photos taken during the night wasn’t really good… I’m kinda disappointed~



~Everyone, this is Samantha… Best dressed for 1st years~



~The few 3rd years. The post grads was seated alongside a 2nd year and the 3rd years. Surprisingly there was more post-grads than 3rd years… What happened to them???~


~Throughout the night, there were activities that requires for punishments such as pulling the ears~

And the prizes was different things ranging from simple tit-bits (I got a packet of jelly) to cash prizes (The most is RM10 ONLY…~~) Well, at least getting jelly is better than getting 10 cents or 20 cents.

I just noticed that I didn’t really take much photos of the place where they had their dances… Only have videos of those dances… Will be uploading them shortly…

But as in any dinner… There will be a first year who is the most unfortunate because he has to sit elsewhere to control the A/V (Sort of like what I did for the 2nd Year Biomed Annual Dinner)… And for this time, it was this guy.



~He’s sitting on the floor~

And he was the one who get the least exposure as well… See… Even when those who noticed him want to take photo of him, there are two others who jump in front of him and block him… Kesiannya…~



Feel like there may have been a pact to stop him from shining out throughout the night…

Something like this





Food wise… There is Yee-Sang… Which we ‘lao’ till everything was all over the place… Haiyo… These juniors should really know how precious food is to those people in Africa… And here you ‘lao’ your Yee-Sang till it flies everywhere..




And there was a few other dishes as well… Such as…



~Chicken (I think) and there was another chicken as well… Didn’t take that photo though~


~Salted cuttlefish vegetables~


~A very big plate of steamed fish~


And also dessert…

Which may explain why I felt underfed, malnourished throughout the night… Seriously, there was too little to eat. I even had to cook some noodles-ala-Alan after reaching back home to satisfy my hunger…



And as usual, there will be the photographing sessions

By which… I’ll always take photos of people and people of me (Unfortunately those who take photos of me with my camera don’t really understand how to operate the camera until all the shots are quite blurred)

Some of the better ones…


~My second year buddy –Michelle ~



~With HuiKee~


~Photo of a junior with all other post-grad seniors~


~And with NanaLana (I totally have no idea what she was posing as)~




Erm, the best thing of night will have to be the K-session I guess, since that’s the only source of entertainment we have after the 1st year dance and punishment session…

Well… Some were good at it… Some were not too good… (Hope I belonged in the 1st one… If I’m one of the latter one… Then blame it on Elaine for pulling me to sing 😛 )


Will upload the videos soon

All-in-all, it was a good different night for me compared to the time I spent in my room after work… I enjoyed it to a certain extent… Thanks for inviting me… But please make it cheaper next time… 😛