I made another history last Friday… Just barely 10 hours after driving the ‘auto’ car to faculty’s gate…

But this new ‘history’ in the making is really a grand one… Something which I did joke about but never actually intended to do before until that day…

I was ‘trapped’ at a certain some place for sometime… I actually got quite tired of waiting so I started walking… And I walked home from this place… Guess where this is….

Its K17


You must think I’m crazy right?

I have also thought myself as crazy while walking too… Cuz it was already 9 plus at night…

I must be the first UPM student to actually walked from K17 to Old Flat… (I’m actually quite proud of it ler…)


I waited for about 1hr30m for a bus to get to the KTM station since the gate to Old Flat was already closed at 7pm and since I only managed to leave lab at 7.30pm…

And what’s amazing while waiting is that throughout the wait… I didn’t see any RapidKL bus, or Metro bus or that ‘other’ bus (For gotten the bus name) or even the K17 bus… or EVEN A TAXI… Gosh

And when I finally saw a taxi at the end of the 90 minutes wait… I thought of taking it since if I took bus back to the main campus, it would mean another 30 minutes walk to old flat the long way…

But imagine this ya… The taxi turned into the college area… There was someone in it so I presumed that the taxi driver was dropping off someone… And while waiting… The K17 bus departed after its 90minutes break… Now since there was a taxi… I just let the bus leave…

Siapa tau when the taxi comes out there was even more passengers and the driver didn’t even looked at me…


And that’s when I started walking…

Photos from the walk (not too HQ since taking with my phone, didn’t bring my Canon camera out)


View of somewhere… The roads was really this dark



Finally some light in front of the place they held the MAHA’08



Gateway to the MAHA’08 site



I took the lesser bus traveled KPZ route back which was still quite a distance… And I had to pass a car gate along the way… This is the view of KPZ at night



Luckily there wasn’t really any un-passable gate along the way… I was a bit worried that I might find a fence which was twice my height which I had to scale



I was looking a bit tired halfway through the journey…



The K5 shop was closed… Darn… Wanted to get a drink here



The field behind KMR looks deserted



The road to chapel from KC



Reached the mosque through the way to K10



Passed the back gate of the mosque…



And finally arrived at my house… Tired but a bit happy for mission accomplished… 😛


Amazingly… the whole walk took 1h15m… Slightly less than the time I waited for the transportation…It must have been a few kilometers walk… And I finished in 1h15m..

Now I wonder why I took longer time to finish the marathon during my first year… Haha…

Really… Something only Alan will do… 😛