Have you ever received a message which sound like this ‘Good morning, have a nice day ahead’ from someone else??

Well… Another possible Alan-only thing is that I always send this type of message to certain people on certain mornings… Just to wish them a good day and hope that they will be cheery that morning…

And sometimes what I felt after sending it was that I am annoying… Imagine sending the message every few days to a person… That person might think ‘OMG, he’s so annoying… Why can’t he quit it with the messages already’

But regardless of that I send… Perhaps it will help you remember that I’m still around… And still keeping contact

And honestly I didn’t really expect someone else to send it to me out of the blue…
So it was a pleasant surprise when I received one yesterday
Honestly it was really a pleasant surprise… It felt as if someone cared… Haha… A wonderful feeling.


It was sent from someone whom contact I didn’t have on my phone…
It really made my morning cheery 🙂
Thanks Donelia.

Perhaps we can all do this sometime… Make others cheery in the morning… 🙂 It may be a simple message worth a few cents… But it could mean a lot to another person