I managed to visit the Old Town Coffee Shop and Secret Recipe shop in Cyberjaya recently.

Old Town Coffee shop can be found nearby the HBSC and Fujitsu company. The exact location should be in Prima Avenue.

I’ve been an avid visitor to Old Town shops all over KL. Sometimes having my breakfast there (My fav: Toasted bread with half boiled egg, topping it off with a glass of Iced Enriched Chocolate and I’ll be feeling in heaven.

Old Town coffee 1
~The settings is still the same~

But the same could not be said regarding the Old Town Coffee Shop in Prima Avenue. I ordered a bowl of Prawn Mee while my friend ordered the recently on promotion Hainan Chicken Chop rice. We were halfway through our meals when she decided that she wanted to have my meal instead. So we exchanged what we are eating and luckily we did.

It wasn’t long before I found something in the rice.

Old Town coffee 2
~Yup… Something sharp and something which look metal…~

And straight off I stopped eating… Lost my appetite to finish the meal… Not sure the sharp metal thing is fell accidentally there or what… But I complaint regarding it the to the waiters… They are good enough to allow me to have a new plate, by which I changed my mind after a while, a bit worried over what other surprises that may be expecting me with the new plate… (I just lost confidence with eating there)… Imagine if I wasn’t looking at what I was eating and swallowed it… I won’t be something I wanna think about…

In another way, it was lucky that my friend and I did changed what we are eating because I would have doubt that she will noticed it before eating. Thank God everything was ok in the end.

I’m not saying that Old Town ain’t a good shop but… precautions really have to be done towards making sure that incidents like these do not happen again.

On the other hand, since we didn’t really enjoyed the meal we had there, I brought us to the Secret Recipe shop a bit further away. And we really didn’t regret going.

The place was a heaven… I really fell in love with it upon entering the door. The sofas there are so soft and the place is just so relaxed… It was so calm and peaceful there when we arrived (There wasn’t any customers at the moment)… And I felt that I could really sink in my seat and not leave at all… The setting is just great… Truly a place to go to get out from the rushed and busy world outside… It felt like a getaway to someplace out of this world. Bravo Secret Recipe…

Secret Recipe Cyberjaya 1

Secret Recipe Cyberjaya 4
~Its just so beautiful :teary eye:… Now I’m being a bit too expressive~

Secret Recipe Cyberjaya 2
~Indulging in Chocolate Indulgence~

Secret Recipe Cyberjaya 3
~Fantastic Almond Brownies~

I really enjoyed the place… It help me to relax and think through a lot of things… Eventually helping me to arrived at the answer I was looking for… I wasn’t really feeling too good due to certain things that happened but a few hours of pondering there got me back into shape once more… And the decision I came upon will be hurtful but I guess being hurt is another part of growing up and become stronger…

Now… Perhaps I should bring a date next time with me to the Secret Recipe here 🙂

Address to Secret Recipe:

Secret Recipe
Suite 0-7
CBD Perdana
Jalan Perdana
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Thanks LiPeng for bringing me out 😛