The PKK guys and girls had their convocation session a day after mine… And it was equally sad for some… Haiz… Dunno why everyone so sad during the convo…

After receiving a very special gift from Olivia, I decided to did what she did for the presents to Shirley and gang… But with the limited amount of time for the preparations, it was really quite a rushed…

Lets see… Olivia’s present to me was something like this



Honestly I was really touched receiving something like this… It really cheered me up a lot after that lousy day. I really love it… Thanks…

And feeling that… I did the same for the gifts to Shirley and gang…

First off… The photo… I knew they were going to go to the hall earlier that noon for a photo session so I went early with my camera as well…
Armed with it and my determination to do my best for these bunch of girls so as their convo won’t be too terrible, I took as many photos at as many different angles that I could.

The girls


~All very pretty, right??~

~YeLing was there as well~

And a final photo at the faculty

Their convo was ruined by the heavy rain and a bunch of small problems which in the end causes the proposed photo session in the faculty to only be attended by 4 persons… And at the same time cause others to feel hurt and sad due to the problem as well… Haiz… Everyone was so sad this time de…

After taking their photos, I rushed to Mines to buy some frame and then proceed to print out and fix the photo into the frames… All done within 3 hours, which really was a rush…

~The photo I used for their frames~

But receiving these types of message in return really made me feel the rush worthwhile..



It just a pity I couldn’t make sure that their session was a happy one as well…