I have officially graduated…

~Do I look good?~

And sadly the convo experience wasn’t really a joyful one… (We’ll get to that later)

We went early to the faculty to take some photos before the ceremony begun since we were afraid that I may rain later when we exit the hall…

~Me and MingSoon were the earliest there~

Thanks to Elaine for being there at the foyer to take photos for us… Really thanks a lot to you since out of the 3 juniors I called to come… Only you turned up… Really felt happy… Haha…

~Me and Elaine, my great grandjunior~

The gathering in the foyer was a small one since only a few of us turned up… Around 6 only… So the photo taking session wasn’t really long there since we kept on taking photos with the same person over and over again

~Me and sassy Mitsuki-cyan… Pretty rite??~

~The six of us outside our faculty… Yup… Faculty of Medicine and Health Science, UPM~

After that short bit of photo taking session, we finally move onwards to the hall for the ceremony… The ceremony was only interesting until you go on stage and taken the ‘scroll’… Then all you can do is wait and watch other people take their ‘scrolls’…

It was about 5pm when the ceremony ended and we exit the hall…

~We are finally graduates…~

~Us and our scrolls~

~Tina was very pretty also that day~

~Olivia came as well… Honestly… I’m very happy that she was able to come :).. Thanks for remembering ya…~

~ChangPing, RiWen, KaiLeng and me~

~Labmate/ DotA player Darren came as well~

~Thanks to all seniors for coming as well…~

~And this was one of the last photos I took before the sad incident happen…~

Ok… How to begin…

Half an hour after we got out, my parents wanted to take the family photo which they had been pestering me all week to take… And I was very reluctant to go and take at the time cuz I know that I will be missing out on a lot of things if I leave now. I even said straight to their face a firm ‘No!’… But they insisted and sadly (and how much I actually regretted now) I went… The studio was just nearby, behind the hall… How I wished I actually stand firm with my decision and not go… Why??

Well… 20 minutes after that, the family photo was taken… I came out, admist multiple phone calls from friends asking where I was… And I saw it was raining… I move through the crowd… Looking for my coursemates but only managed to see some far off… Moving towards the parking lot… Some whom I had wanted to take photo with had already left while the rain got harder by each moment… Even Fiona, Iris, Joseph and family whom had came to see me (and called me multiple times) had also left… Its like because of my weakness to turn something down from my family (and I’m also very angry at them)… I missed out on being with those whom I wanted to be with…

I grow up in a family who likes to control what I do most of the time…A family whom for the past three years had only seen me few times… A family who won’t even practice hugging each other… vs A family of coursemates and CSSUPM, whom I grown to like and love being around… Whom taught me how to be close to others… How to hug others regardless of where we are at… A family whom had taken care of me these 3 years, a family whom had listened to me when I have problems and when I’m in difficulties… And I chose the former over the latter that day… Now I really feel regretful for that decision… Because on the day that I should have been happy… I felt sad instead… Being dragged to somewhere I didn’t like… And in the end, lost the chance to be with the ones who truly mattered.

On the bright side (Though that day would have been bright the whole time if it wasn’t for the above incident…), I managed to meet up with Cindy and KaeChing who came from UKM to see me… Very touched as well… Thanks

~KaeChing, WeeWee, Me and Cindy~

~Managed to take this photo with Natalia before she left~

~The remaining few coursemates that was still there when I came out of the studio~

Fast forward to the next day… HweiYee messaged me to ask me whether I have the group photos with everyone throwing their mortar board… And it dawned on me that I will never have the chance to take that photo with my coursemates… It was truly heartbreaking…

~Something I will never have the joy of experiencing with my coursemates… Damn…~

Felt that I missed something which will only happen once in a lifetime… And I’m really jealous for those who are in the photo… Can’t believe that I was so stupid…