*Once again… Copied this from the CSSUPM Blog since its really a big task to type it in a different way once more… It took me almost one half hour to type this out… Along with the photos and all sorts… And this post is only about the first day… And there are two more days after this… So I only added parts I wanna add into the original copy of this post… rather than retyping the whole thing…And since there are a total of 1.5k photos of this camp alone currently at my disposal… To look thru all of them will be again… a tedious task.*

This is really going to be one long event which has to be divided into 3 parts and a video post (coming soon)… (Credits for photos goes to whoever who took them: Felicity, Victor, Fiona, Jusy, Mel, Nanaq, and etc etc etc)*

CSSUPM Annual Camp 2008 was held at the Barre I.J Center at Cameron Highlands on the 28th till the 30th of September 2008… Around 60 plus students took part in the event, creating and strengthening the bonds between them and with God… And I’m quite sure that they had enjoyed what they have experienced throughout those 3 days there…

We gathered as early as 7.45am at the KMR bus stop on the cloudy Sunday morning… (Arriving among the earliest… Lol… Again…)

~Even before the event officially started… The camwhoring has already begun~
~On the bus… Sleeping and eating… And watching Fantastic Four and The Mummy 3~
~Introducing Lawrence, Mel and Mel (both having almost similar names)~

~Jusy with her food~

The journey was an uneventful one… Besides stopping by at a nearby town to have lunch before proceeding up the winding road up the high lands, nothing much was to be noted of the journey… After almost 5 hours of travelling on the bus, we finally arrived at our destination… The Barre I.J Center

~The signboard was a sight for sore eyes especially after going up the winding road~

In case you are wondering what Barre I.J means… Its actually a center named after the Infant Jesus (hence I.J) Sisters founder, Nicolas Barre

~This is what he looks like~

~This is how the center looks like. It has 3 floors at which our camp only occupy the ground floor for events and 1st floor for accommodations… Imagine 60 plus of us staying only in one floor and that floor isn’t even filled to its fullest.. Makes you wonder what is the maximum capacity of this place…~
Upon getting off the bus… The one thing most will noticed is the coolness of the place… Indeed, the place must have been a few Celsius below what we are all used to… And it makes those without heavy clothing and jackets/coat/sweater regret not having the clothes with them… (Yup… Yours truly was one of those without any heavy clothing… But lucky for him he got a great deal of fat with him but eventually the fat didn’t really matter in the end… Read on next post for more…)

~Arrival and unloading~
The place was nice and well kept and very tidy. Each of us were given a bed (double decker) to sleep on along with blankets and bed sheets… There was a large dining hall (capable of housing everyone at one time) and the Nicolas hall (where we hold most of our events). Even the toilet was large enough for at least 10 people to do their business at the same time… (No photos of the business parts) (None ya… Although I almost managed to get a few photos of certain guys naked in the room… Oh wait… I ain’t gay…)
~The dining hall~~Nicolas hall… While waiting for the events to begin~~The beds…Simple yet comfy~

Once everyone got off the bus and got seated in the hall… A briefing regarding the do’s and don’ts of the camp was carried out by the security guard and the medic of the camp… Dominic and Percival…

~Meet those in charge of the safety at the camp… Dominic is the man with the torch light… And Percy is the man with the small red container filled with medicine… These are the guys who woke up the other guys at 2.30 a.m the next morning… Read next post to find out why…~

After the briefing session… A sing-along was carried out to introduce the participants to the theme song of the camp ‘You, Me and Us’ and then it’s time to break the ice… And how was that carried out??? By dancing…

~Walk to the left, and to the right and all night, heel, toe, half turn around, new friend found~

The ice breaking session was continued with the participants being divided into 5 groups at which they have to work together with for the next few days… The groups are named Saint Bernadette, Saint Theresa, Saint Paul, Saint Gabriel (I am in this group ya… A senior cum committee member for St. Gabriel) and Saint Jude… These five groups will have to work together in games to gather points for the 3 days there… And there shall be always a winner… Or in this case… Prizes for all groups… Depending on how well they perform… Moments after settling down into their own groups, the first couple of task has already been given… 1. Create a mascot for your group (out of the magazine and newspapers provided)… And 2. Create a Cheer for the group…(It sounded a lot like orientation you know… Sort of like Malaysianizing the whole camp or something… Made me remember of my orientation days in the university… Although I think we could have carried out other activities for the icebreaking… But so long the ice breaks… Any method is applicable I guess)

~Group St. Bernadette with their mascot: Cross and people joining hands under it~

~Group St. Theresa: Opened palm holding a heart shaped thing~

~Group St Paul with a staff~

~Group St. Gabriel with a miniature version of St. Gabriel the angel holding a harp (No photos of us on stage since… I was on stage… Haha..)~

~Group St. Jude with another angel as their mascot~

The idea of the mascot is that from then onwards, each group will have to take good care of their mascot and bring it along wherever they are going to… And that the committee members of the camp will proceed to confiscate any unguarded mascots… Sort of like to test the responsibility of the participants… (Really feeling more as if its orientation… But these mascot things don’t really bring good memories for me… Remembered the time in OBE when my group’s mascot was taken… Really not pleasant… Summore this is a Catholic camp… I don’t think have to do till like that… Its really tough to see the faces of those who lost their mascots… Esp after I almost lost another group’s de… since I was helping them to take care… Really not a nice feeling at all…)
Anyway… Do you wanna know what Dr Kenny thinks about the mascot….??

~Somehow I think the words got stuck in his throat~

After the ice breaking session… The participants were allowed to go wash up for dinner… Dinner itself wasn’t disappointing at all since the food… even though simple… was in abundant and everyone could get second servings of the food if they want to…


And the cleanup session after each meal was divided between the groups at which one will do the washing while another group will handle the arranging and the wiping up…

~Robin and Nova doing the washing~

The night session started off with the opening ceremony of the CSSUPM Annual Camp… Short speeches was given by the President, Dominic… The Head of the Camp, Devebra and the advisor, Dr Kenny…

~Devebra is praising the Lord~ ~Dr Kenny is pointing at someone~~The participants listening attentively to Dominic~(Someone else… I can’t remember who… Thanks to Fio for noticing this…)
~Cutting open the banner… (The banner didn’t fall on it’s own after the balloons were popped… Sigh~~)~ (A big sigh here since I was the one who tied the balloon in a way that the banner will fall after the ballons burst… But since it didn’t fall… It feels as if I had failed…)
~Opening ceremony… Completed…~ (Thanks a lot to Crystal who really help me out in the preparation for the opening ceremony and to help me clean up after the ceremony ended… I’m in your debt ya… Treat you to makan next time…)
We then had a Rosary prayer session where everyone took turns to say the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be…

~Sitting in a large circle… Praying the Rosary~

Then the Praise and Worship session was held… Led by Garrie, Nouly and the gang… They lead us, praising God with new and old songs… One very noticeable incident during the Praise and Worship session was when the group sang the song ‘Hari ini ku rasa bahagia… ‘ at which everyone started to hug and get close with everyone else… It was like even though we don’t really know everyone there but we still proceed to hug those whom we don’t know… Making peace with them and joining their hands with ours… No-one was a stranger that night… This truly brings out the meaning of One Faith, One Family… (I enjoyed hugging people and getting hugs in return… So happy that night… Not to mention that the P&W got really wild… Erm… Repharse… Almost all the P&W sessions got really wild during the 3 days there)

~Praise and Worship session in the dark~
After everyone got heated up by the P&W… A sharing session was held before everyone tuck in for the night… It was then that we know how some of us actually got into the CSSUPM family…
~Quoting from Clement: “I remember John sms-ing me… It was something like this: Shalom… We got activities in the chapel… And I was wondering… Who was this Shalom guy…” ~ (Shalom is actually a Hebrew word for peace and a method to greet people… Adui… I didn’t know it was a person too…)
~And there was Francis… “I remember that I have a test which I hadn’t studied on Tuesday but I still follow them (a group) out to Sunway on the Sunday.” (It feels like we are telling them to have fun and not study… Ha ha)~ (They bring him to play at Sunway a few days before his paper… Actually I didn’t think there was any problem lar… Since I think he enjoyed a lot too….)
~And then there was Nouly… And the story of the footprints and the three ‘payas’… Detailed to the core… The stack of things in front of here is the ‘paya’~ (Really super detailed until Fiona smsed me halfway through her sharing….)

After the sharing session… Everyone had a bit of food for supper before turning in for the night… As they still have a session in the early hours of the morning…

But the committee members of the camp couldn’t have their well deserved rest yet… As they still… Have to meet to discuss about the activities for the next day…

~The committee meeting… Tired as they all were… The meeting must still go on~ (I’m just there to document the whole event with photos…)
~The center at night~
The participants didn’t get a whole lot of sleep before they were awaken at 2.30 am in the morning… Possibly having just an hour or two of shut eye… Why were they up that early??? Stay tuned for the next update…
~What happened at 2.30am in the morning??~