How many of you understand what the above title means…? (a bit of medical terms used) It actually means injury acquired after a fever has healed which most probably resulted from fever. And yup… It means the injury on me as well. It was last Wednesday when I gotten this fever which drained most of my strength leaving me stumble onto bed upon reaching home. It was so bad that I had to stay in fetal position (How the baby in the womb is positioned) and close my eyes and prayed for the fever to go away (Which it didn’t). And the next time I opened my eyes, the sky was already dark but the fever was yet to be gone. I took a panadol and went back to sleep and the next day, the fever was still there… Possibly even worst than before… And top it off with both my shoulder feeling painful. Took another panadol and after that one didn’t work, I finally decided to visit the Health Center in UPM. Thanks to Iris for bringing me there. The Dr there gave me some medicine and guess what it is… More panadols… Okayyyyyy… So this time I took 2 panadols at once and went off to sleep and the next day, the fever subside… Strangely though the shoulder pain remained and I felt weak and I hardly have any appetite despite that the day before I hardly eaten anything. Even after my labmates bring me to eat vegetarian lunch, all I could take in was just a few bites before I settle with drinking soup. Throughout Saturday, the left arm felt sore and the left hand felt weak and I almost felt things slipping out of my grasp… The only conclusion I could come across is that possibly the fever I was too high and it caused some damage to some of the muscle cells in my shoulder… And muscle cells take longer time to heal… I just hope it gets better… Regarding appetite, even till now I couldn’t really eat… Imagine 2 pieces of chicken and I could only take in one… Before this I could take in 3 or more if I was hungry… Whats wrong with me ya…? Could this be a febrile injury as well?? I wanna eat lar~~~ Sigh…

~A few photos from my recent photography in biology class~