*I did this post for the CSSUPM blog, and the visit was held on the same day as the Dogathon, so imagine how tired I was when I reached home… Anyway… Didn’t want to type an alternative account for the trip so I copied what I type here as well… (With very minor alterations)

CSSUPM has conducted its first visit to the ‘Our Family Home’ orphanage in Kajang last Sunday. The trip started at 2.00pm and ended sometime at 4.30pm. It is part of CSSUPM orphanage outreach program.

The volunteers:

We started with an ice breaking session in the gathering hall. The icebreaking was more of an introduction session… We started off by saying our names and age before the kids added their hobbies into the list… Most loves football and support ManU. There are some who are interested in badminton as well… And after getting to know the children there, we moved on from the gathering hall to the study room…

Part of what we had done during the visit is to accompany the children there and teach them how to read, write and draw and all sorts… I found myself having to teach Science to a Primary 4 student… I’m really amazed at how much some of them know and how fluent some of their English was…

~Olivia teaching~
~And Dominic who was right beside me seems to be teaching on how to write an essay~
~Walter is our art teacher for the day… Don’t be fooled by him drawing football clubs logo since he’s drawing one for the kids~

~Everyone being ‘teachers for the day’~
~Walter and his art student~
~Clement and Harrison~
~JJ and Cynthia seems to have their hands full~
~Dominic and Toby~
~Levina and Harrison. Harrison is the Primary 4 student I was teaching Science to… He loves football, plays in a striker position, loves to draw, loves John Cena, supports ManU and is a fan of Christiano Ronaldo, and wants to be a policeman when he grows up. He’s very friendly and could talk easily to anyone of us~

~They can draw better than I can~
~Peter having fun with everyone else~
~The pictures Walter drew for them~
~Another photo with the kids~
~The house they do their studies in~
~The house where they have their activities~
~Please do come and visit too~
~When we were leaving… You know you’ll be missed when the kids keep saying goodbye to you even though you had already walked a distance away. I can still see them looking at us as we walk out onto the road leading to the main road. I feel sort of sad too…~

Ok… Now that you had seen the photos… Our next visit is most probably two weeks from now on the 24th of August… We hope you’d be able to join us as well… The kids really do enjoy our company and we certainly did enjoy our time with them as well… It’s a good experience… Find out more about them and in the process discover more about yourself… Hope to see you with us the next time we visit…For more information, you can leave me a comment or email me at amiboshi_87@hotmail.com
*I was a little relunctant at first to go for the visit since I didn’t know how it’ll be like but I didn’t regret following it in the end :)… I’ll be going again so if you wanna come with me… Do contact me*