The first thing I noticed when I entered my house is this…

My first day back at home1
~I can’t stand those cute puppy eyes lor~

So on the contrary to having this in the house,

My first day back at home4
~Yep, a cat too…~

We also have a dog… More and more like a zoo… But I guess that’s ok… Since the last owners of this house are also mostly animals… Haha… There was a ‘pig’, a ‘giraffe’, a ‘snake’, a ‘tiger’ or a ‘lion’ (status unknown) and a ‘teacher’ (what’s the teacher doing there anyway)… Those are the old housemates of where I’m living at… And their nicknames as well…

I flew back in a hurry to get a few things done before the 30th… Which are the application for the National Science Fellowship and the application for the Kuok Foundation Post-graduate Funds (or something like that I think) and besides having those foreigners asking me about where is where, I managed to picked up my final semester examination transcript at the Academic Department and my Offer Letter from GSO only 3 hours after reaching home from the airport (which really is quite fast considering I left home at 3 and finished everything at 5… on foot somemore…)

The tiring part of the whole journey will have to be the walk to GSO… Now why put the office up on a hill and so far away from the main area anyway… There was no bus running when I was there either… So I resorted to what I could do… Walk

My first day back at home6
~Where I am… And where I think the office is at…~

My first day back at home7
~The roads are not straight going up the hill somemore~

My first day back at home8
~Going higher somemore…~

My first day back at home9
~Halfway I thought this was it… But it’s not… This is the faculty of agriculture…~

My first day back at home10
~Up somemore hills…~

My first day back at home12
~And then I saw someone hiking as well…~

My first day back at home13
~Almost there…~

My first day back at home14
~And Alan has finally landed…~

Amazingly… It took only 15 minutes… Haha… Surprised me as well… But then that walk I had a few weeks back from Kawasan restaurant (near Bukit Serdang) back to Old Flat (where I stay) took around 20 minutes… Its funny how sometimes you think the places are far… And it only took you so short a time to reach it on foot… Maybe I can try walking to my faculty next 😛

The reason why I tried to apply for the scholarships and go through all these troubles (I started to fill in the forms and typing a new proposal on Tuesday and finished up everything with PosLaju on Friday) and walking up the hill, doing this and that… even though I felt that there may no be enough time or I may not make it… I think its because I felt that I shouldn’t give up… I’m the lazy type who easily gives up when something seems somewhat impossible… But if this attitude is to remain with me, then the few years of postgraduate will be tough… Let’s just hope that this is the beginning of a change for me 🙂