I’ve noticed this dance a while back… (I don’t own any of the videos here)

It was cool at first… Especially when something like this come from an anime…

Its the ending dance from The Melanchony of Suzumiya Haruhi…

~This is the original dance~

Now apparently this dance became quite famous in many places until cosplayers and other ordinary human beings being addicted to it and trying to perform it on their own..

And I came across quite a few on Youtube (Ahh… The wonders of Youtube…)

~This is one according to the uploader is taken at a cosplay event in Thailand… They did it really well actually~

And there are those not so well ones and very terrible ones… (I’m not putting any of those up though… but you can find it at Youtube)

But what amazed me the most will be this…

~Yup… Prisoners… Amazing right??… They did other different dances as well… eg: Thiller by Michael Jackson~