Just got back from a 3 days 2 nights trip to Penang. And the title could very well be summarize the whole trip…

:Day 1:

First off, 3 of us, Clarice, Clement and Me boarded Transnational bus (I have faith in this company) and after 5 hours of sitting in the bus, we arrived at Penang Island…
Penang trip01

Penang trip03

We stayed at a fine hotel located in the more desolated area of Penang Town, the Regal Hotel, Penang. However, despite its location, the price is really quite low compared to other more classy hotels. We spent RM 115 for a deluxe room which has 2 big beds and could easily fit 6 people if used efficiently, a really budget hotel for people like us who wants luxury but don’t wanna pay too much for it. The RM 115 is inclusive of complementary breakfast for 4 persons every morning. The breakfast wasn’t anything special to look out for though.
Penang trip47

Penang trip48
~Regal Hotel, really not a bad place…~

Penang trip49
~The lobby~

Penang trip04
~The deluxe room with 2 beds… Clarice got the pleasure of getting a big big bed for herself~

Penang trip05
~View from our room~

We managed to get really nice guides for the 3 days that we were there… We got my sweet direct buddy (junior) Olivia and JJ, another junior for the first day…

Penang trip09
~Olivia, really knows her food~

Olivia is the type of guide who really knows what to eat and not to eat… She could very well have her own food show on TV about Penang if she has one… The other thing I was amazed at was her level of planning for us… It was simple but it made me really appreciate her…

Penang trip06
~The plan she prepared for us… On PAPER… Normally I won’t even write down all the details of where to go and what to do~

When she was bringing us about in her car, she will keep recommending different types of food at different food shops that we passed by… So much so that after checking into the hotel, she straight away bring us to buy banana pancake and yam kuih at the nearby Burma Road…

There are many stalls beside the road which sells these pancakes or better known as Apom… But she knew which was the nicest… Look out for an uncle and an auntie, both in their elder ages, selling these pancakes by the roadside…

Penang trip07
~The pancake stall by Burma street~

You may be thinking, roadside, pancakes, uncle auntie… How good could it really be… There wasn’t much people lining up for the pancakes when we arrived… And I have my doubts on whether its that good… My doubts cleared when I was placing my order… I ordered 10 pieces (He sells one for 30cents… Very cheap only) and he told me to wait… Cuz there was an order for 50 pieces before me… I was like… Wow… Penang people feed their kids pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner is it?? And the 50 pieces are actually ordered by someone who lived in Ipoh, Perak which must be.. what… 50km away?? Now, this must be some pancake stall to be that famous… Till even Perak people know about it… And yup… The pancakes really live up to their name… It might be small but its really tasty… Pancakes on Burma road… The pancakes worth trying if you’re at Penang…

Olivia suddenly realized that the stall on the opposite site and a little down the road sells tasty yam kuih as well… Which she went to buy for us in the end… And yes… It’s even better than the pancakes… Arrived in Penang for not more than an hour and I felt I’m already in Food Heaven…
Penang trip08
~The yam kuih served with bits of nuts and possibly bits of small prawns~

The original plan Olivia got for us is to buy the popular Tao Sa Piah, another kuih in Penang… But we arrived there too late… It was already 5pm. The shop was found further down Burma road as well… But with the preparations she made (She even wrote on the paper… Taste taste first)… We found a box of the kuih in the car… along with a box of preserved nutmeg which she bought for us taste… Apparently, she visited the shop earlier that day to get a box for us to taste…

Penang trip10

Penang trip11

~The Tau Sa Piah and the Nutmeg she bought for us to taste… Olivia… If you keep doing these stuff… I’ll really fall for you… Haha… ~

Penang trip69
~The shop which sell the nice nice Tau Sa Piah… Taken when we revisited the place the next day… They bake the kuih here fresh every morning and you can see many people queuing up to buy it every day…~

And then… Stomachs full and all… We went onto the ferry to head for the mainland… And it was a long wait (Cuz of the rush hour at the time)

Penang trip12
~The three of us on the ferry… Ya, I know… I’m chubby~

Penang trip13
~Penang Island, taken from the ferry~

We are on our way to St. Anne’s Santuary at Bukit Mentarjam and after around half an hour after getting off the ferry… We reach there and saw this…

Penang trip14

Penang trip17

Penang trip16
~It was closed… Cuz it was already after 7pm… :sweats:~

So what can we do… We just lingered around and take more photos… Percy ‘The Twister’ even came to join us…

Penang trip18
~The few of us… JJ’s taking the photo~

Since it was closed, we thought of continuing what was on the plan… Eating steamboat… Before we heard that the place was closed as well… :sweats: And so… We made our way following Percival to a nearby hawker center for dinner… It is nearby the OldTown Coffee Shop at the Mainland… (No photos on this place… Sorry)

And I found a pearl in this hawker center… Make it two pearls… The first being an extra spicy Nasi Lemak with Sotong which has gotta be the best Sotong Nasi Lemak I ate till today… It was so spicy that even Clement (who grew up eating peppers) said it’s spicy… And I absolutely love it…

The second pearl will have to be… this..

Penang trip19
~Ikan Pari bakar… RM 9… With hot sauce… I felt that I went to heaven again…~

The food there was cheap and really damn tasty… :Drools looking at the pictures:
And with that… We returned to the hotel with filled stomachs and the jeans felt tighter on the waist…

We even had a bible sharing session before bed… Weird right??? All thanks to Clement bringing his Bible along~~~

:Day 2:

JJ and Vi (her friend) were our full time guide for today since Olivia was off to somewhere else…

Penang trip28
~JJ… I think she’s quite confused about the roads in Penang~

Plans for today was to go and visit the Penang Botanical Garden and the Butterfly Farm in the morning… Have lunch in a restaurant at Little India and then shop till drop at Queensbay Mall before having dinner…

The botanical gardens is filled with people jogging when we arrived which I found quite strange since it’s a weekday… I was more amazed to see some of the mother’s bringing their baby along to jog with them… :salutes:

Penang trip21
~A big big tree in the garden~

Penang trip22
~We were attempting to pose~

Penang trip23
~The wooden thing behind us looks like a Japanese bird stand… Taken with self timer~

Nothing much happened which we are on the gardens except the incident with Clement and the monkey… Apparently one of the monkeys got quite annoyed with Clement and wanted to jump onto him… And we quickly retreated…

Penang trip24
~He looks really annoyed…~

It is advisable to not bring any noticable food or plastic bags to the gardens as the monkeys may attack you for it…

Penang trip25

Penang trip26
~Another type of monkey~

Penang trip27
~Us and self timer~

And then we went off to the butterfly farm… Along the way… This happened…

Penang trip29
~And it was heavy~

And so we took one hour to go up the hill and then down again… Since it was raining… :sweats:

Lunch’s up next and I’ll really have to recommend this place for you…
Its called Karaikudi restaurant and is found somewhere in Little India in Penang… (The place where there are a lot of Indian Shops)

Penang trip30

It looks something like this from the outside but don’t let looks fool you…

Penang trip35

Because the insides are like this…

Penang trip32

Penang trip33
~Very high class look…~

And the food was great…

Penang trip34
~From the left: Calliflower Masala, Prawn Pepper, Chicken 65 and Briyani Rice…~

The servings here aren’t much and one dish may be suitable for 2 person or so… But the Briyani rice is really a lot and can fill you up… The dishes felt like side dishes in the end… But very delicious side dishes… If you’re up for some Indian food… Give this place a thought…


JJ took us to her church next… The Church of the Holy Spirit… Since we didn’t managed to visit St Anne’s the day before…

Penang trip36

Penang trip37

Penang trip38

Penang trip39

Penang trip40

Penang trip41
~The church and me…~

And then we went to Queensbay Mall to shop…

Penang trip42
~Taken fron Queensbay Mall~

On the way back… We passed by this overhead advertisement…

Penang trip43
~They are showing me their behinds :P~

JJ took us to dinner after that… There is a small hawker center which gets more and more crowded the longer we were there… Its located in front of Sunway hotel and the food there is also really tasty… I tried the Ikan Pari Bakar here as well… And it was on PAR with the one at mainland…

The only downside to the Ikan Pari here is that it costs RM 14… Apparently, the food here are tasty… But really quite expensive…

Penang trip45
~The hawker stalls~

Penang trip46
~The nearby Sunway Hotel~

I tried out the Chee Cheong Fun here as well… Not bad also…
And I went back to the hotel feeling that I’ve gained a few more pounds…
And feeling so tired that I was practically sleeping when Clement was doing the Bible Sharing…

:Day 3:

Another different guide for today… Another food expert of Penang… Dominic…

Penang trip70
~Dominic… Food expert extraordinair~

He wanted to bring us to eat till we drop again… And so he brought us to try out the best Penang Hokkein Mee… And we saw this… again…

Penang trip71
~Closed… Whats with Penang and stores closing ya???~

The stall is located in front of Lorong Bangkok… Closeby there is another stall which sells delicious Mee Goreng…

Penang trip73
~It looks spicy but its not… Wonders what is their secret~

Penang trip72
~They cook the Mee Goreng here… Don’t look really clean… But then… One should be brave to discover new tasty food… But please make sure you have had your shots before…~

We also visited Kek Lok Si temple… A great sight for tourist and those who wanna take photos of Buddist statues and temples…

Penang trip52
~The gate guardians I think…~

Penang trip51
~Me and my animal, the Rabbit~

Penang trip53
~Also took a photo with the pig…~

Penang trip54

Penang trip56

Penang trip57

Penang trip58
~The temples~

Penang trip55
~The Guan Yin statue was being renovated~

Penang trip59

Penang trip60
~The Pagoda~

Penang trip61
~Group photo with self timer~

Along the way back from the temple, we managed to stop by a stall selling Penang Laksa, as recommended by Dominic again as one of the nicest in Penang…

Penang trip63

Penang trip62

The uncle open his shop quite late in the mornings… At around 11am plus the time we visited… So do take note if you’re interested… Its located along the road to the temple…

Aside from the temple… We also managed to visited the beach… Because the other two keep wanting to go to the beach… And we ended up running to the car when we noticed it was raining nearby the beach again… (Raining again… Haiyoooo~~~)

Penang trip64

And we also did make a trip to Dominic’s apartment… (Don’t play play… Very high apartment) before having another food trip to this place…

Penang trip66

The Lobak and Char Kuey Teow here is really damn delicious as well (I’m starting to think whether Penang has something which is not delicious)

The Lobak uncle actually export his Lobak to KL to be sold… Thats how good it is… I heard he’ll also be going to the Hawkers fair in Singapore this coming few months to cook there…

Penang trip67

Penang trip68
~Lobak and Char Kuey Teow~

The Kuey Teow here gives a whole different meaning to the Kuey Teow I normally eat… Its totally on a different league…

And with that, we made our way to the Nibong bus station to board our bus back to KL (PlusLiner buses aren’t too bad too)…
We left Penang after tasting some of the nicest food Penang has to offer… And still missing out a lot of other tasty food which we didn’t have the chance to try out… Lets just hope that the next few times I visit… The stalls will be open and it’ll be less rainy… Haha…

Penang… Haven for tasty food… (I’m really going to get very fat if I stay there)

Penang trip74
~Alan… Weight gained and exhausted…~

P.S: The total spent for this trip is around RM 200 for the food, the transportation and the accomodations… Not too bad for another budget trip… And now… I can finally go to sleep 😛