We spent most of our mornings in bed… I even remembered waking up at around 9 plus… Half a morning gone… After having breakfast, we left for the next stop on the list… The Langkawi Cable Car and Cultural Village which is located north-west of the island… Its about a half an hour drive away… And along the way, heavy rain dampens our mood again…

Langkawi 40

~Rain rain go away… Come again another day~


Luckily when we arrived at the cultural village area… The rain had already subside into a small drizzle.

The cultural village is more of a ‘tourist-please-buy-all-these-souveniers’ place. I got myself a wind chime here… One of the few things that fascinates me here is the toilet… I went into the toilet and the first thing I did was to take a picture…

Langkawi 41

~You might find yourself taking a photo in the toilet if this is the first thing you see upon entering it~


Moving on… The cable car up to the mountain is also found here in the ‘village’

Langkawi 42

~Its goes up really really high ya’ know~

The cable car takes us up  Mount Machinchang, 708 metres above sea level… And its certainly not for the faint hearted… Being inside a cable car, with only a rope holding you up, you’ll start to wish that you hadn’t gotten off solid ground… Especially when you see something like this from the cable car…

Langkawi 50

~Its a long long drop down~


Langkawi 43

~I think this is the seven wells waterfall… Taken from the cable car~

But once you got to the top, you’ll find that the cable car ride was all worth it…

Langkawi 45

~You can see almost the whole of Langkawi from up here… You can even see those distant islands…~


Langkawi 46

~Group photo… Without me… Cuz I was taking the photo… And Annie… Cuz she was too busy drinking her mineral water~

One could choose to take photos up the the peak of the mount or take another cable car to a nearby peak and journey down onto a platform in between the peaks

Langkawi 44

Langkawi 49

~It makes you wonder how they manage to put this platform the whole way up there~

And you could even walk onto the suspended walkway (Its quite solid) and take photos… (Yup… This is a place to take photos only…)

Langkawi 48

~The platform~


Langkawi 47

~Me, on the walkway with some rock formations behind me~


Langkawi 54

~Taken from the walkway~


Getting down was nicer than going up… Cuz you know that you’re returning to solid ground… As much as I love the place… I’m happy to be back on the ground… 🙂

The next stop here would be the Seven Wells waterfall… Its just a few minutes drive away from the cultural village and you must hike a few minutes up to the base of the waterfall… And the waterfall was simply mesmerizing…

Langkawi 55

~Someone had to be in the photo while I was taking it :p~

A word of advise here before taking any photos is that you may want to wipe your lens everytime you take a photo because after a while you’ll see a lot of water droplets on your pictures… And it can really spoil a nice photo…

Unfortunately for me… I got droplets on most of my photos… Lousy…

Langkawi 56

~This is the best photo among all the other photos without anyone in it… (But you could still see the droplets)~


The water was cooling and so refreshing… I could hardly stop myself from going into the river… And felt it hard to leave the mesmerizing place

Langkawi 51

~Only photos left of me and the waterfall… I wanna go back there (Someone else in the picture again…zzz…)~


You could even see the cable cars from here

Langkawi 52

~See how high we were at??~


Finally and relunctantly… We left the waterfall… And visited two other beaches before calling it a day…

The first beach visited was the Black Sands beach… And as you guessed it… The sands are black here…

Langkawi 53

~My hairy leg and the black sands…~

Why is it black?? I haven’t the slightest idea…

But there wasn’t much to do here as the shores are really very short and there wasn’t really anyone around… Kinda sad for a tourist attraction site… There was some shops selling very tasty keropok nearby though… And I have fallen in love with their sotong keropok… Its a must try if you have a chance…


Last but not least… We visited Tanjung Rhu beach… Which is called the best beach in Langkawi by our Mama tour guide (Dunno if its true or not)… The beach is about 20 minutes drive away from the Black Sands beach and has very nice sands… One could have a picnic here or even play frisbee or some beach games here… But being the unprepared people that we are… We just stop and run around and took photos and got our feet wet…

Langkawi 58

~The beach~

I even managed to take this photo of the sun behind the clouds

Langkawi 57


And that was our final destination for the day… I arrived back at the Kondo with wet jeans (too much time in the water), 2 packets of sotong keropoks (couldn’t resist getting more than one) and a whole plastic bag of chocolates and wine chocolates (Langkawi is duty free so stuff like these tend to be cheaper)…

And so end our Day 2 at Langkawi… Some of us slept early that night being exhausted while others chit chatted till morning… I had to spend a night on the sofa cuz someone someone took control of the pillows and blackets in my room… -.-”’


The next day… Most of us were like this…

Langkawi 59

~We didnt wanna wake up…~

But we had to since our ferry leave quite early…

And so came an end to our Langkawi trip… Miraculously… The total amount spent on this trip (excluding chocolates and other self expenses) only total up to around RM 250 (Talk about a budget trip).

And after arriving back at Kuala Perlis… We had to part ways since others are going to Kedah for a prolonged trip and I’m going back to KL…

Langkawi 60

~Waiting for the bus to arrive..~

Another tip from this trip is that if you have the money to spare and if you’re staying far away from the island (in KL), do take a flight to Langkawi  instead (find cheap tickets from AirAsia) cuz its really uncomfortable seating in the bus for 7-9 hours for the journey… And you’ll feel nauseatic faster if you’re sitting in the back row somemore… And you’ll save a lot more time to look around and visit places…

All in all… I really did enjoy the trip there… And I am awaiting the day when I can go back to see the enchanting waterfall once more…


~Goodbye Langkawi…~