The trip to Langkawi must have been the wildest I had so far. It wasn’t only that… It was thrilling, and even scary at some point. All 9 of us made through the whole 3 days without much of a problem besides SHiung who was looking kinda sick on the way back…

The participants:

Langkawi1 Tingting

Langkawi2 YHui

Langkawi3 ‘Mitsuki cyan’ KMSin

Langkawi4  ‘Killer look’ SHiung

Langkawi5 LCYong

– CXin (Individual photo at McD not available)

– CTeng (Individual photo at McD not available)

– Annie (Individual photo at McD not available)

– Alan (thats me)


We boarded a bus to Kuala Perlis and then made our way to Langkawi via the ferry there.

The bus ride was 7 hours long… So eventually when we reach Langkawi after spending hours and hours trying tossing and turning trying to get good sleep, you’ll see us looking like this




~Having breakfast~


The ferry to Langkawi took at least one hour… Since we’re taking the 7am ferry there, I thought we would be able to see some nice enchanting sunrise or something only to find that… It was rainy and cloudy…


~Quite discouraging.. eh~



~This made it even more discouraging…~

Eventually we arrived at Langkawi in the midst of a storm… 😦


~The eagle of Langkawi didn’t have any shelther… So pity…~


We checked into the ‘haunted’ Kondo Istana which I have mentioned about in the last post… And for the 3 days there… We didn’t experienced anything out of the ordinary… (Lousy haunted web reviews). The place was really very comfortable… Clean and very well equipped… There are maids coming in to make up the room everyday so you dont have to worry about being messy… There is even a toaster and a stove in our unit which we can use to cook and make toast bread (but we didn’t though). The rooms are clean with air-conditioning and its quite amazing to say that we only spent RM 56 for our accomodation for those 3 days and 2 nights




~Clean rooms~


~The living room… There is even ASTRO to watch~


~Taken from the 7th floor of Kondo Istana~

Langkawi Island (taken from Kondo Istana)

~Langkawi Island (Taken from the 7th floor of Kondo Istana~

One bad part about the place is the windows… Some of the windows in our unit couldn’t be lock… But when you’re staying at the 7th floor, I don’t think thats a problem


We rented a van for a sum of RM 180 for the 3 days there for 9 persons which cost RM 20 per person ( Not bad either eh~~)… But it may be a good idea to make sure the van is working fine before filling in petrol… We had to change the van to another one cuz the first one wasn’t working really good… And we had already filled in petrol… So bye bye petrol money…


~The ‘not-working-well’ van… They look as if they are PTI caught by the police… :P~

And this is our ‘Mama’ tour guide and ‘Papa’ driver


~They are not yet engaged though…:P~


We visited the Langkawi Book Village only to find it close.. :sweats:… And ended up taking a hike on the nearby grounds… The river there wasn’t really clean… But the sights is still something to look at…


Near Langkawi Book village

Further down the hiking path… The stairs into the forest got sealed off… :sweats again:… Whats with all this sealed off places…


~The stairs that are sealed off~


And so the whole morning was filled with sealed offs… Kinda like a waste of time there… The afternoon was a different story…

We went island hopping… And by that I don’t mean this…


~Some ‘crazy’ people hopping on the islands :P… with some ‘crazy’ photographer taking photos of them hopping (Not to mention a few bellybuttons shown)~

Island hopping here means visiting some of the islands located nearby to Langkawi… And to get there… We used a speed boat…


~The ride on the speedboat…~

One of the islands visited was Pulau something beras… The shores here are just terrific…


~Taken from the island~



There are even monkeys all over the place to welcome you here


~My good friend… The monkey…~

These two girls welcome you to Langkawi…


~Welcome to Langkawi… (Can be used as an advertisement for Visit Langkawi Year, don’t you think so?)~


We also went to see some rock formations of some sleeping pregnant woman… (No nice photos of this) and took photos of the eagle feeding…



~I’m kinda disappointed cuz these two photos didn’t turn out too well~


After that we went to another island… The island with the the Dayang Bunting lake (I think)… Its where you could go kayaking, swimming and even play with those cycling boats…


~The lake… With those cycling boats~


Now so far… The trip hasn’t been too thrilling with the exception of the speedboat making sharp turns and the occasional waves hitting the boat…

Everything was fine until we saw this…


~It wasn’t really that dark yet.. But for the dramatic feeling… I played with the lighting a little and got this…~

We were stuck out at sea with a storm… The waves got really big and the winds got very strong… It became scary… Soon it rained heavily… And we couldn’t even see the island anymore… The man steering the boat even had problems navigating through the storm… It was cold and we were all wet… Needless to say… Some of us got scared that we may not make it back…

Luckily the man steering was an experienced one… And managed to get us through the storm… And we finally managed to return to Langkawi island in one piece… Thank God…

But needless to say… All of us were wet… Luckily the phones and camera are still working…




~SHiung tired and wet!!…~



~Still camwhoring even though we are wet!!…~


~Hungry and wet!!…~


Later at night, after dinner, we went to visit the poor helang who didn’t have any shelther…


~Ya.. I know… This is a terrible photo… Lousy lighting… And the eagle still looks kinda sad…~



There isn’t anything much to do in Langkawi at night… And since we were all exhausted after our very very thrilling island hopping trip in the afternoon… We just stayed in the Kondo and rest…

And also to celebrate someone’s birthday… (It was suppose to be a surprise but someone found out about it when she opened the fridge… Spoilt surprise)


~And here it is… Papa SHiung giving Mama LCYong a present… Where did the kiss go???  Why no kiss ?? ~

~~ :End of day 1: ~~