Thesis done 02

~Yay… I’m finally done…See~


Thesis done 04

~Me and my son~

Thesis done 03

~Another angle~

Anyway… I would have really really enjoyed the feeling of finishing it… Only that on the same night that I did finished it… Something happened again…
Why does some girl need assurance towards everything… I don’t see the need to prove myself… Its just sad to feel that she was not satisfied with the current things… In the end… I did what I didn’t wanted to do… Partially because she forced me as well and keep wanted me to say the forbidden word… And why is there a need for the forbidden word… Its like what does it symbolizes?? Assurance?? Pls… The assurance that you can only get is the assurance of what you believe in… Here’s a story
Tim was a young man facing the world… He had just finished his studies and was getting himself a job. One day, Tim and his friend, Mike went for an interview. Tim thought he did rather well in it but Mike thought otherwise. Mike seriously think that Tim had a flaw in his session and tried to assure him that he won’t get the job… And suggested for Tim to find another job… Now what should Tim believe in… His own assurance that he did well… Or Mike’s assurance to find another job?
I can easily say the forbidden word… But do I mean it?? NO! And when I refuse to say it cuz I don’t mean it yet… You say I’m selfish… ”’
Why can’t people just be patience? Its just hard to believe that things can be ok in the afternoon and fall into pieces in the evening… Its just so saddening… Somehow… I know I’ll regret what I did again yesterday… Even though I dont wanna do it at all… You got your answer when you questioned me last night… The answer as to what us is all about… I gave you what us is all about… And you lost the hope again because of my answer… You didn’t realize that I was trying to change the us back to before again… Even when I don’t really know how to change it back or when you don’t see me changing it back… Things could be so simple and so carefree… But you didn’t think of it that way… And in the end… Shit happens~~
Sien… There goes my supposely happy week~