~This post is dedicated to Mitsuki chibi cyan~

Viva is over… And among all of us, there is one person who should be happy the most…

Kwan Mei Sin dedication 06
~This is the girl who is the happiest… She really does look Japanese right???~

Why is she the happiest girl? Because she should be glad that the whole Final Year Project and Viva is all over (exception for thesis writing)…

Why is she SO glad that its over?

BECAUSE she was the one who start training before anyone else, spent most of her days in labs from 8am -5am… Sometimes even staying up till night… To finish her work… She was the one who kept doing her project… Till a week before the Viva presentation when everyone else finished… She was the one who keep doing… Trying to get better results… Repeating tests after tests…

She had to do not only her own work but also others work as well… And was blamed when others didn’t get the results… OMG… How can it be like that right???

Kwan Mei Sin dedication 07
~She is the one who made my hair like this~ –> LINK

She is the one who didn’t wanna lose to another person in her lab… She is the one who wanted to show that she is the better one… Because she was the one who tried her hardest in that lab

Kwan Mei Sin dedication 08
~It seems that she is also thinking about her lab during the recent annual dinner~

And she is the one who broke into tears one day in front of her lab… heartbroken and discouraged… So much so till I felt the need to give her a hug… (Which was done by someone else… Not me… 😛 )

And sadly… She was the one who changed the most during the project period… She was the one who used to be cheerful but the whole project made her seem so gloomy…

Kwan Mei Sin dedication 09
~Her gloomy face~

She was someone who tried hard… Sticking to her own principles… Doing what she thinks is right… She was the one who passed up a blank piece of quiz paper because she didn’t know how to do it even though she had studied beforehand…  While others (me included) resorted to more… dirty means of answering… She was the one who won’t change the results she obtained and went ahead to report all truths in her project… While some minor others (not me) resort to other means to get better results.

She is someone whom I believe have the spirit to do her research to the best… But she was the one who lost that spirit throughout the year because of the hardships she faced. She was the one whom I thought will be able to continue her studies after graduate… And she also lost all intentions for that after her project.

She was the one who had to face one of the more ‘famous’ judge during the Viva (famous for shooting head shots), and she was the one who managed to answer (if not all), most of the questions forwarded to her. And we are the one who came to support her…

Kwan Mei Sin dedication 01
~Presenting her Viva~


Kwan Mei Sin dedication 02
~Her Viva presentation… Trying to answer the question~


Kwan Mei Sin dedication 04
~Her supporters~

But, she was the one who triumphed through all… She is the one who pulled through against all the odds stacked against her… She was the one who made it, even if she had to crawl to the finish line…

Kwan Mei Sin dedication 05

~The happy smile when its over~

In the end, she was the one who was praised by her supervisor for all her hard hard work…

And I believe she learned how strong friendships can be when you are stress out and feeling discouraged…

Honestly… I’m happy that things in the lab are over for her… We don’t wanna see that smiling face turn into the gloomy face right…? Haha

Anyway… Some friends have dedicated their wishes to you 🙂


Dear MeiSin Jiejie


Finally you’ve completed your Final Year Project, after putting in so much effort. I’m definitely happy to see you gone through things well. Obstacles are meant to make us grow.. don’t you think so? Hehe!


Get well soon yeah girl. See u soon my dear housemate! Take care.


Lots of love from your TyanTyan.





A testimonial from Syin


On the day of ‘lucky draw, she was unhappy for what she got, and surprised us by choosing the extraordinary supervisor, which is not listed by the coordinator of BMS4999. Thereafter, she had a hectic life in the lab. Have meetings with her lab members, reading journals, its all about her FYP…She started her lab earlier than anyone of us.


Dr. J’s lab…It seemed to have everything that I need during my FYP…-80 freezer, ELISA reader (which works faster), and many more… which I think it so lucky of her being able to use the facilities in the biochem lab. And the Dr was there to supervise them. Everything was so much of what I hope of if I was progressing with FYP. Nevertheless, hardly students would go into the lab to ask for help. Wonder why?


Found out soon after that. There is always talks of disappointment, problems in between the lab members, problems to assign turns to subculture, sometimes lack of guidance from her seniors, and whatmore, she has to contribute to the work of two…unbelievable… what kind of lab is this?!


Despite the fact that there were really problems here and there, she did progress her FYP with great passion, with never-ending repeats for MTT for a start, until the mistake was revealed. I always saw her in lab, when I take my ‘subjects’ (her subjects is rats -Alan) to travel up and down. She was always focused that she never know whoever passed by. There were a few times, I would hop in to disturb a bit and if there is anything for me to help her, I would be most willing to. However, sometimes I know nothing about techniques that she need,


Now that I have finished mine, but still she has to carry on until her supervisor allows to put a fullstop to her labwork. I was so happy to wait for the last lab to end…Its quite unimaginable if my supervisor don’t allow me to stop. I might go crazy 😛


It was very motivating that she had started FYP with a big dream. Things went wrong along the way, but that’s how the learning pathway has formed.  Uncountable energy, and time that she had to spend during this FYP, would provide a clearer view of how she can plan her future to be. It was a very memorable time we have been together with her, sharing bits and bits of her life in her lab with us. Our ears are always there to listen : ) – Sook Yin-




Finally, your assiduous win a reputation in the lab. Gambateh!!! -Annie-





Wish you all the best and do recover soon from your illness -KhangWei-





Congratulations and well done. You have been tough. We are proud of you. All the best







Gambateh. You are the best!! Ni zhi dao ma?? -MunYee-



Lovely roomie,


Finally you’ve finished doing your FYP.

You did a good job :). Good luck for your future undertaking.

Keep in touch after graduating ya : )

Your lovely roomie, CTeng. (I added the lovely here ya – Alan)


Congratulations!!! 🙂 Keep it up chibi cyan 😛