Recently I’ve been thinking a lot again… Now normally when Alan thinks a lot its still fine… But when he overdoes it… Then it might be a problem… Haha~~

Anyway… What I was thinking about is more towards CSS stuff.. Just in case you haven’t know… CSS means Catholic Students Society

1st off..

Catholic students nowadays… (in my campus lar) are very very… passive… They really seldom act on their own to volunteer for something… But rather they like to be asked to do something before they do it… This is really a sad thing… Why??? Well… You’ll notice it when you found that no one wants to do the readings during mass even after you try to persuade them to… And in the end… Who did it?? Me~~ Haiz… Not that I don’t want to do it… But still… Some new faces once in a while will be nice… Rather than seeing Mr Alan’s face up there all the time


I’ve been thinking of methods to revive the Friday Gatherings…I was thinking on how Annie Hii used to organized it… Doing crossword puzzles…And I let my mind stray off a little from the last Saturday’s homily and got myself thinking of discussion, table talks, even stimboat during that gathering time… I mean a lot can be done… But sadly… Why aren’t there others who are thinking of something to be done about it… Is it only me who thinks and try to do it… (But that might also mean me trying to do it and then fail to do it and leave it just like that~~Reminiscence of my past year as CSS prez.. But lets hope this don’t repeat itself once more.)

Why aren’t there more proactive people about in the society?

Hmmm… Sometimes I just wish that things would be different

And in the end… what L said in the movie L-CtW should have sounded true (it sounded nice though)~~

No matter how gifted you are, you alone cannot change the world… But thats the wonderful thing about this world. ~L~

I think he was implying that he still couldn’t change the world even though he is gifted but managed to do something about it with Near and Maki in the movie… And why is it beautiful?? Because through the hardships they shared… They bonded even more closer to each other… Then what Fr say once more is true… We don’t like hardships and put it aside… But because of that, we never treasure what we have now… Because we didn’t get it by our own works but rather the works of those who gave it to us… And it is those people who treasure it in the end…

Remembering back… I think it was only me who wanted to ‘change the world’ and tend to do things on my own… And I found out… Its impossible alone…~~

Hmmm.. Maybe you’ll see me staring in a new movie next time called… Alan – Change the CSS -…. Haha~~ Okay… I’m thinking too much again~~