Was quite caught up in many different things lately… Passing up proposal title to Dr, attending annual dinner and works leading up to it, studying for my Japanese oral quiz and the Motox quiz, searching for journals for my own FYP, looking at slides in the labs, editing my previous write up… Its a hectic schedule till I found myself waking up in the library after drifting off to sleep halfway through thinking of the proposal title yesterday afternoon. And the one thing which struck me immediately was that pain in my head… The migraines are back again. This time it seems worst than before… Even halfway through the dinner on Sunday night, I felt pain in my head… This may be just a guess… But I think something might be wrong… I’ll have to go for a checkup soon… Sigh~~

Anyway… The trend among school/college/university students is that when they leave things till the end (which they normally do) or there are too caught up in rushes of things that came their way (lesser issue), they tend to come to a quiz totally unprepared… That was what I went through this morning… That was what more than 90% of the class went through this morning. A miscommunication from some parts left me studying the wrong things… So I stared at the question paper and it stared back at me… We did that quite often throughout the half an hour quiz this morning… I tot I was dead…. until…

The girl who sat in front of me flips her notes open… Sweat… But this is what most of us normally do… N0?

And not to mention the girl is one of the girl I’ll least expect to flip open her notes… -.-”’

And elsewhere in the room… similar things started happening… whispers first suddenly became louder discussion… So much till the Dr in the end turned the no notes, no discussion quiz into a discussion based quiz (but still no notes)… But we still look at the notes nevertheless… What to do… We are unprepared… Sien..

When it all started, it looked something like this…


~The notes are beside the question… With occasional glances at the notes by the student~

And in the end… It turned into this

 ~Photocopying for free~

But what would you have done in that case…? Will you hold your head up and continue being the you who might most probably get the lowest in class… Or you join in the group as well?? What would you do? Luckily this is only a 5% quiz at which is used to fulfill the 40% non-examination criteria which we have.