Was quite enjoyable, aside from what I’ll complain below as well as the frequent pains of headache I got that night.. Even so, I managed to drain one pair of batteries and leave another pair half drain… Thats the amount of energy that got used by my camera that night.

CSSUPM Annual Dinner 08

Erm let me just start with the preparations till the dinner…

A few things I would like to note out beforehand…

1. I was only in charge of publicity… You know… Spreading the news and stuff…

2. One of the meetings of the committee was scheduled by the director at 6pm on Friday

CSSUPM Many Faces and Surroundings

~The road I take to get to chapel… If the blue rubbish bin, the red AWAS sign and the UPM board is not there… Then it would have looked like a scene from a Korean drama :P)

3. The final years were suppose to take photos together after the whole dinner

and what happened…

1. I got pulled into helping out with the collection of payment from the members, almost got into the preparation of slides (Thanks Gary for taking over), almost got pulled into becoming emcee, got asked to join in MSG dance and got involved with making sure how many people are coming, who are coming, who has paid, who needs transport etc… Where did my publicity go…? Are you going to publicize me or publicize the dinner? And people started to ask me about how many VIPs are coming… And which VIPs has paid… Which I totally have no idea on since… I wasn’t handling the VIP part.

2. The meeting in the end started at 8pm because the director was late as she went to Mines to buy stuff for the lucky draw… Pls lar… You scheduled at 6pm… Then make sure you are back at 6pm or 6.30pm.. Why at 8pm?? Not that you dont have transport also… You were driving that day… Then why 2 hours… I looked at those who were tight scheduled who came at 6pm and waited for an hour for you to arrived but in the end had to go at 7pm cuz they had other obligations to attend to… I even dragged myself from the faculty in the small drizzle without dinner a little off 6pm… And what did I get… 2 hours of waiting for someone to shop and then only managed to get my dinner at 11.30pm with migraine throughout the way… Haiz.. Dont let this happen again lar…~~

CSSUPM Many Faces and Surroundings

~The pictures don’t look so nice right??… I am still ain’t too sure how to take photos of a bright background with a distance focus~

CSSUPM Many Faces and Surroundings

CSSUPM Many Faces and Surroundings
~”Cherry” blossoms in front of the chapel~

3. Well… you wont see me in the photos together with the final years because I was handling the payment… Is it just me being unable to be in the picture and choosing to settle the payment before going into the picture or is it just me being crazy as not to go into the pictures… The amount which Ms Director said and the amount in the receipt was not exact… So I tried calling out for Ms Director to come instead… Which she finally did after the whole photo session with the final years were over. What to do now?? Sigh… I want a photo and I won’t be in that one now…Ish… Geram

Lets just say that I think I’m doing small sacrifices here and there for the benefits of those who were suppose to celebrate the final years graduating… (which includes me as well…) Sigh…

Somehow this made me feel in contrast towards the things that Fiona has said before this… That sacrifices are acts of love… And are suppose to be beautiful… But I can’t see the beauty of it…

Many faces and Annual Dinner
~Acts of love?~