Happy Easter to all~~ 🙂

Its that time of the year when certain Catholics only know it as the day Christ was resurrected from the dead. But not many really know the significance of it. Easter celebration on Holy Saturday starts with the lighting of the candle in total darkness which basically means that the light is Christ and when He came, everyone was in darkness… Living a ‘dead’ life… And then we have the readings from the Old testaments (take note on ‘OLD’ testaments) then after that the lights are all turned on symbolizing that during the day Christ was resurrected, we are all filled with light (in another sense) life.

But the problem with many of us is that we keep living our days as if Christ was still dead. Easter is not only on that day after Good Friday but rather everyday after Christ was resurrected. But we often failed to life as if we truly have life… And often shows the gloomy face even on Easter day. We are mostly MASS goers… That means that we only feel what we shud feel during the mass and NOT any other time… After mass, we’ll go back to our own routine… Where is the life to that???? Are we dead?? ~Something I pondered upon during the homily on Saturday night~

Easter in Candlelights

~Light in the darkness (taken on Easter Vigil mass)~


The recent Holy Thursday was also a memorable one to me.. It brought my memories from the celebration past two years back… And I felt tears coming… But quickly drove them away again… Haha… Anyway… What happened two years ago can be read here… –> https://minorsmajor.wordpress.com/2006/04/17/touched-by-the-compassion-of-the-lord/

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Lets just say that I dont wanna cried like how I cried last time…

The Blessed Sacrament

~The Blessed Sacrament~

One thing which I didnt know then was about the Blessed Sacrament… I see ppl crying as we all sat/kneel looking at it… I dunno what they were doing at all… All I was doing most of the time was just looking and wondering… And then Clrice say that you can just tell God all your problems as you look at it… Leave all the sadness behind… And after knowing that I can’t help but the think of my own sad times as well…


And during Easter Vigil mass… I took this picture mistakenly…

Ghostly figure

~Looks like a ghostly hand rite??? But its just a slow shutter speed take with one fast moving hand… Just something I would like to share :)~


It was a tiring experience though attending the Easter Triduum alongside the 2-days finishing school in FPSK…

I found myself waking up from a 5 hours sleep on Saturday morning.. Attended a 9 hours (8am to 5pm) finishing school and then proceeded to chapel for the mass which lasts till 11.30pm and then followed them for supper which lasts till 1.30am… By the time I reached my room, it was already 2am… And I had to wake up by 7.30am the next morning to get to the next session of finishing school (Which explains why I was more quiet on the 2nd day)

Once the 2nd day was over… I slept the moment I got home (6pm) and only woke up at 2am…. Tired… ~~ Then went back to sleep again… Really tired…

But then… Regardless of the tiredness… The school was, amazingly… fun and very interactive. Totally different from what I had expected….

Finishing school

Anyway… What I thought it would be was boring, long lectures from the coordinators… But surprisingly the lectures this time was really interactive based and short… More time was spent on group discussion and presentation… And after finding out that, I myself also felt more open to speak out and enjoy the activity

What I had always believe was that even the worst, the most boring lectures and talks can be more enjoyable as long as one could open up to it and try to enjoy it… If one were to attend becoz he/she is forced to attend, and throughout the whole session feel like its all a waste of time, then that person will never be able to enjoy it… So 1st step to enjoying life: acceptance… 🙂

Aside from ppl coming becoz they are being forced to… I somewhat ‘look down’ on those who didnt come at all… I mean… Tell me then.. What were you doing then??? There were those how had come for one morning session and then left… If you had something to do… like labs or group discussion which you really really cannot miss then its understandable… BUT if you didnt come becoz you thought it was a waste of time…. Then the things you were doing in your room or outside when the session was going on… Isn’t it a waste of time as well…? Cmon ppl… Be alive for once… Look at the world with ‘opened’ eyes and see the limitless possibility… Even I had a small glimpse of what I can do after my post graduate… So why can’t you… The unexpected things often happen at the unexpected places… And how can you expect these things if you are just going thru your own routine… Thats why… BE ALIVE~~~

I learned tons from the school… Even learned to be more relaxed when presenting in front of others… And I believe everyone could learn as well… As long as they dont have the preconception about how terrible it would be but rather open up to it 🙂 And the one thing I learned which was the most important thing I guess is that: Any lousy thing can become interesting as long as you know how to present it 🙂 Esp during the time when I didn’t know what to talk about and that the topic that I was supposed to talk about is sort of boring… But in the end even the lecturer praised it as perfect introduction from me… It raised my self esteem to try and present better for the next time 🙂

And I managed to met another blogger in the school :). Her name is Juliana and she blogs for ‘Being Julie’ blog at http://planetj.blogspot.com . I found her to be a very independent person who knows what she wants in life… Do check out her blog which has her big big photo as the front page photo every once in a while 🙂 The link is also found on the Friend’s Bloggie on the left side of this page…

Besides that, I had also linked up two other bloggers

One is Lizzie… which unfortunately blog mostly in mandarin which I COULDN’T READ… at http://tw.myblog.yahoo.com/abbyliz-jlpang/

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And now I’ll have to go back to my list of things to do 😛