1. Prepare power-point or slide show or flash presentation to be presented on the CSSUPM annual dinner (Honestly… I have no idea or inspiration on what to do)
  2. Reedit and print out and distribute invitations and obtain feedback on how many are coming for the dinner. (More less done I think… Only have to reconfirm those who aren’t confirmed yet)
  3. Do alternative publicity on CSSUPM blog site for the dinner (Did a simple something on it already. Can check it out at CSSUPM blogspot site. Link is on the left)
  4. Collect money of those who are confirmed to go for the dinner (Done)
  5. Find out how to apply for post grad studies in the School of Graduate Studies (Halfway done)
  6. Go to Finishing School(Done)
  7. Read up on the information on liver anatomy, histology and possible problems for Tuesday meet with Dr. (Reading items on the net)
  8. Read up on the information on candidiasis and HPV and make decision on which on to further in by Wednesday(Made decision to go for HPV)
  9. Read up on own journals for thesis writing (Side job)
  10. Use SPSS to tabulate results from my FYP
  11. Photocopy the journals (Done)
  12. Find journals for own studies (Can only be done when I found out why I cannot access Ezproxy at UPM Library website)
  13. Prepare proposal for post grad studies (Can only be done when I know what to type about)
  14. Help Leanne find place to stay in KL (Done)
  15. Make decision as to where to go for holidays after graduation (Done – Genting and Cameron and most prob the Northern States)
  16. Make decision on whether to go for CSSUKM annual dinner (Done – Not going)
  17. Make decision on whether to go for EPC at PD… If going will mean an earlier submission of thesis
  18. Find out possible methods to take Japanese as an audit next semester (Can only be done on next Monday)
  19. Attend followup meeting in Chapel regarding to Annual Dinner (Done)
  20. Attend talk on future after graduate in Dewan Besar next week (Can only be done on when it happens)
  21. Send my abstract to Dr on Friday (Done)
  22. Wonder when is the time I can study for my finals as well
  23. Think of theme for Annual Dinner – Deadline tomorrow (Done) – “Light that pierces darkness” – I think I exaggerated a little.
  24. Meet up with my sister coming to Bukit Expo for a camp. Get the labcoat I left at home from her (Done)
  25. I think there must be something else again which I missed out… Haiz…