I got ACCEPTED… Now I am confirmed to have a place to do my post-grad studies under one of the nicest lecturer IMHO. Before this, she said that she needed some time to think it over, and told us to come back to see her yesterday morning. You can see my heart literally beating out of my chest as I opened the door to see her yesterday morning. And she said… Okay, I accept you both as my students!!! Yay~~ And now I really wanna try my best for post grad studies.

Now, the Dr is doing research on candidiasis. No, its not diseases caused by candies if you are thinking. Whats that you ask?? Well its the infection of the yeast, Candida which basically is a type of fungal infection.

~This is Candida albicans (taken from Wiki)… Pls take care of me from now on :)~

Doesn’t look like much rite?? Haha… But there are tons of study done on it…. And the picture above is from an agar plate culture…Lets hope by the time I’m done you wont see my face on the agar plate as well I wanna try my best to do post grad studies… Without feeling uncertain…. So pls… parents… Dont make me uncertain anymore by telling me to go do medicine…

The other option which I have is to do HPV reseach for cervical cancer studies under the Dr… Now HPV is call Human Papilloma Virus and the cervical cancer is the cancer you can find in the cervix. You know where rite? If not can ask the girls where its found :P.(The location did made me reconsider is it ok for a guy to do this~~ Haha… But as long as I don’t have to obtain the cells from patients on my own then it should be okay)

Its something like this

~this is the EM scan of the HPV (taken from Wiki as well)… Looks weird rite… Pls take care of me also… but pls dont infect me… Thanks :)~ 

Anyway. I have a belief to be the best if possible in what I can do… Gambateh kudasai!!!

Lets just hope I can do my best this time 🙂