I really have some crazy friends…

The original plan…

Go to sing K on Friday 1-7pm at Green box Balakong… (Decided on Monday afternoon) … Deadline for those interested to submit names by Wednesday

Come Wednesday: 9.00AM – Plans to sing K changed to Saturday Morning 11-2pm at same place due to friend A and B disapproval of going on Friday

2.00PM – Received message from friend C saying that plan to sing K changed to Thursday nite instead after agreement from Friend A

3.00PM – I fell asleep.

4.00PM – Awaken by a call on my phone. Friend C ask this… ‘Do you wanna go sing K tonite….?’ -.-”’

I asked how many people going… and how about booking…

Friend C answer… People going already got… Friend D even booked for tonite already… -.-”’

In the end… We went on Wednesday nite…. Friend E got the message when he was at lab and straight away run away from lab and went with us -.-”’

Now how crazy is tat…~~~


Anyway… The line is terrible nowadays… Just hope I could update more often..