Election is coming soon… Do you know who to vote yet?? Anyway.. for those who are still uncertain… Do look for news in the papers… As well as news online… You’ve gotta hear both sides of the stories before voting rite??

Truth be told… I heard a lot of accounts from different people as to who to vote for and I can say that I agree with many of them… But since I never intended to talk about politics here… I can just wish you happy voting and vote for the best… And that may we wake up into a brighter morning after the election… 🙂

Just wanna point out several things though… I really hate the posters..

I mean its acceptable when its somewhere where people can stop to watch and all that… and I understand the importance of spreading the word to vote for me and not for them… like in the example below..


But then… When you see something like this… it is really too much… I mean… You see whole roads of stuff like this… OMG.. How are the people going to drive safely and how on earth are the people suppose to cross the road like that…

Election posters

And you have all these notices and poster all over the place… Its really a waste of good paper and items you know… And how much of it is actually being recycled properly after that… And I dont mind if the papers or banners say different thing… But its really useless to have thousand and thousands of these banners set up along a road which says the same thing or display the same face… OMG… Its not like we dunno who you are since you are featured almost daily in the local newspaper… (you shud have the idea who I’m talking about)… Anyway… A suggestion for you… Build a large notice board where everyone can see it… And stick your face there… Vote for me… And done… Now you dont have to waste all those papers or plastic or whatsoever…

Anyway… Ppl are all so getting riled up for tomorrow’s election… And all I’m worried about is the psalms I’ll be singing at chapel tomorrow night.. 😛 Lucky there wont be anyone recording it down 😛