My plan for today was to go to KLCC meeting which start at 10.30am onwards and may last till 4pm and then go to KTM Serdang to wait for Mitsuki Chibi group whom has dated me out…

The meeting carried on without lunch this time around and by the time it was over which was about 3.30pm I was hungry and exhausted… And becoz I have to reach KTM Serdang by 5.00pm I did what I could think of at that time… Go by a bus to MidVal and get some lunch before going on the KTM to Serdang… Which is what I did… Reached KTM Serdang  at 4.30pm in a heavily populated train… And got myself squished inside the train… And I waited…

Only around 5.15pm they showed up… And bought the tickets… to MidVal… :sweat:… Asked whats the plan before that… They decided to keep it a surprise and I was really ”surprised”… -.-”’

Anyway still a big thanks for them for coming out 😛 … And so we went to eat…. At Kenny Rogers which is damn delicious becoz I was hungry at the time… That small snack I had before that didnt manage to do much… But Kenny Rogers did a lot to my hunger…


~Tasty indeed~

And then came the cake part… Which they decided to use the same plan another gang has just on me before this during my last year’s birthday which was… Halfway eating someone suddenly became missing and then came back with a cake and candles and everyone started singing bday songs… OMG~~~ But then last year I almost managed to stop them from doing it… I really dont like big big parties.. esp in crowded areas.. Sorry… This year I was prepared… Someone went missing… I went out to look for her… And then I couldnt find her… So I bought some cake myself… And called her to say I buy od… Wicked rite?? Lolz :P… I was successful 😛 naneenaneebooboo :p Haha… Anyway… Really thanks for your plans and all… But I was only hoping for a simple small quiet birthday party with friends… Thats all I hoped for… Something tat big scares me again… Lolz:P

While eating the cake… I managed to spoonfeed some ppl… Namely…


~FWen… The spoon still so far away but she od cant wait…~


~CYong from Dreams Part 1..She really open her mouth wide wide de~


~And then FWen wanna feed me … So I let her feed lor…~


~And she really fed me…. This was how I looked… I got creamed…

Later after I managed to clean myself off the mess FWen made… We all went to snap snap snap photos at the newly opened The Gardens…

High class place where only rich ppl can afford… Things there ppl like me cant buy de…

~This is FWen again… Someone is touching her ass  She is sitting on someone’s hand~


~The hand also couldnt resist to touch my ass so I let it touch my ass  Me taking a picture with the hand~


~The leng luis that came out that day~


~Thanks to all of you for making it memorable 🙂 ~

And last but not least… Thanks to Jnice also for calling to wish from Japan… I’m really happy to hear your voice again… Touched~~ 🙂