Hmmm… My initial plans for today was to…

1. Go to Times Square to meet up with Shreen

2. Go catch a movie and eat something with Shreen

3. Go to chapel after that to celebrate mass

 And I tot thats all that will happen for this special day… But I was wrong…

Let see… I met up with pretty Shreen at Times Square at 11am whom I think she didnt have any idea on the significance of the day but still agreed to go out with me… Really Shreen…. You dunno rite what day it is??

One main attraction in Times Square which I noticed when was waiting for Shreen to arrived was the big big lion head… At first… I took this picture…

Notice anything weird with the photo???

Yup thats rite… Its just waking up from a sleep….

Look at its eyes… So sleepy rite…

So I keep looking at what it will do after waking up…. And after a while it open its eyes really big to look at me taking photos of it…

And I keep snapping and snapping…

In the end it became annoyed and showed me a face like this….

-.-… Looks annoyed rite… Maybe I took too many pictures od.. Haha


Anyway… This is pretty Shreen with her long long hair…


~Again another girl with stares that could really send chills down your spine… Her stare is like directly through you… As if you cant hide anything from her~

We talked and walked most of the time around Times Square while waiting for the movie to start… It was really enjoyable talking to her as we are both Anime Fanatics and both love certain Japanese Dramas… And she’s also a very talkative friend at times 🙂 But its all good… Being talkative aint a bad trait. Esp when you are with quiet little ol me… 😛

The movie we watched was KungFu Dunk… Starring Jay Chow… And all in all the movie was enjoyable and funny… Except for certain moments of irrational scenes… Do watch it if you have the extra money and time and no other movie to watch… Yalar, Shreen, I agree with you od lar… Its nice… I read the wrong review saying that it was lousy….:P

~The nice smile she had on her while eating sushi~


~One last shot before we leave~

Anyway after the movie and a quick trip to Sushi King as well as a few moments of snapping photos… We finally left Times Square… It was when waiting for the bus that I witness an event that make me feel disgrace to be just a witness… I saw a gang of 5-6 malay boys… most probably secondary school boys… beating up an Indian teen and robbing him of his items… It was horrible… How kids nowadays are like tat… I felt terrible at my inability to stand up and help the poor Indian guy… And was constantly erm… thinking why Malaysia has became what it had become… And I was hoping someone somewhere will be able to teach those boys a lesson… And then it occur to me that other than they are being caught or God is really paying attention to them, they are free to continue their reign of ganging up and robbing… And thats when I tot about the anime Death Note where KIRA (the main antagonist in the film) acted to kill off all that had commit wrong esp those who are unpunished by the law… And I tot… Maybe there is also something true in that story…Sadly… Ppl like that dont exist in the real world… Wonder if I will support him if he does exist… Haiz… Anyhow it could have been me getting beaten up… Sien…


While watching the movie, SWan and SzYn messaged asking me whether I’m free at nite or not to go for dinner with them which I totally really wanna go… But then I tot about the mass in the chapel and message Olvia that I wont be going for mass… And her reply made me tot something was fishy… She keep asking me to go… And then even Dom called me and asked me to go.. Haha… Then I realize something was in stored for me od during the nite… One part of me wanna go with SWan and SzYn… But Dom they all already prepared all the items for the nite’s surprise… So with a heavy heart I decided to go to chapel only lar… What to do~~ Terpaksa say no to the other 2 girls who date me…~~

Dom and gang really had a surprise in store for me that nite… Cake and all after the mass with Father singing the Bday song with us… Thanks guys and girls but truth be told again… Haha.. Im being terrible now…. I’ve mentioned last year during the bday surprise Natlia sprang for me in my old blog that I dont really like birthday surprises or big party celebration for me… But still thanks for all the hard work you all have done to celebrate for me… I’m really grateful… Also to Jnice Jr who gave me a small present.. Touched… Thanks :)… Happy Birthday also to those with the same bday as mine… Iris… Chia Yee and Chia Ling… I wish you all be happy in everything you do 😛

~The card they gave me~


~The wishes for me… Thanks~


~The small present from Jnice Jr… Thanks~

Lets just say that how I wish everyday could be my birthday 🙂