How was your Valentine Day? Receive any chocolates, candies or flowers??

Yours truly got something.. And he’s happy for it… WOOOHOO~~

Presenting… What I got for V Day…

Valentines Day photo capture

Its called Hershey’s KISSES lagi tu… Got meaning de is it??

Thanks SzYn for your kisses :). My first time receiving kisses on Vday :P. I would like to kiss you back too… Hahaha

Anyway… For those who wanna know who this SzYn gal is… This is her

This is SzYn… She’s the wavy hair girl… But truth be told, I really like those wavy looks… Its really a refreshing look you know… :Kicks all those who say she looks old:

Anyway… SzYn quite shy de lor… See… She didnt want me to take her photo at all

And so I try again…

Only managed to get this

She’s also very hardworking de lor~~ Still reading her book while I was talking to her beside her~~~ :sweats: … Anyway really thanks for the kisses


This Saturday really not going singing K od.. Cuz Shren couldnt make it and her sis also couldnt make it… And the so many ppl all so busy de… So guess its my day out alone again~~ Sigh~~ But I will enjoy de… Trust me!!! Maybe go eat my fav sushi again.. and then catch a movie or two… Anticipating Sunday evening outing lor… Dunno where Mitsuki they all wanna kidnap bring me to. Scary ler… Maybe they will put me in a cage and then ship me off to Thailand to become gigolo ler….

We being shipped off in a cage

~this could happen~~ but lucky got Blackie with me going to Thailand :P~

I’ll be moving to a new room soon just one floor under my current room… Why the sudden change you ask?? Cuz of the windows… I can finally open my windows widely in my new room as opposed to my old one where everyone who walk by could stare in at me… The new room windows are not facing the corridor… So I wont have to worry about ppl spying on me from the corridor… But ppl from the opposite flat might stare… Haha… But I dont mind that also… Opening windows mean that my room will be better insulated and become cooler… Totally love it :P. But becoz of this… I might not be able to online for a few days from tomorrow onwards since I’ll be staying in the new one starting tomorrow night…  So this blog might be going on hiatus for a while… Maybe a few days time until we get our connection back at the new place… I’ll be updating from cafes if I really couldnt help it thou… But visit back here as well…

And to end things off.. I have entrusted myself with a top secret mission… A mission that will shock many ppl… And will make me become disgraceful if I am caught… Wanna know more about it?? It will most probably be up by the next few updates… Anyway.. Anticipate it 🙂


I felt a sense of dread just now after my afternoon nap… Hope it isnt anything bad… Just couldnt get the unsettling feeling off me… Prays for everything to be fine…


Last but not least.. the picture of the day… SzYn finally allows me to take a photo with her…

Here it is ~~