New year has just passed a month ago and I thought it may be a good time to look back at all the things that happen back in 2007.

2007… The Year of the ermmmm what was it again?? …  Pig… Lol… Pig (thanks Leanne for reminding me)

The year of the pig…

The year where it seems everything will go smoothly for me…And in the end everything crumbles for me…

Starting of the year is of course the usual parents listening out for Lilian Too Feng Shui show which apparently I dont quite believe… But what she said on the rabbit’s (my animal) fortune on relationship is that… the year will be the year I found someone special and start a relationship… (Didnt really believe it at first but oh~~boy how wrong was I)

I started the year being a very determined person… Was elected for the post of CSSUPM president (jeez Jnice… This election really changed me) and then was also holding on to the post of Treasurer for the Bmed Annual Dinner 2007 as well as taking part in a dance for the dinner.

~Me and Jnice… This blinking was not intentional… See… both president act alike… Too bad I’m really not up to par with her (taken by someone)~

Starting off it was determination… Ppl said I got a good bunch of EXCO members to work with and that things might look good for CSSUPM current year… I managed things… Organized things… Successfully organized the Leadership Planning Camp at PDickson…

At the same time I attended the dance practice for the annual dinner and practice doing one of the coolest dance I have done to date… ITS THE DANCE THAT IS NICE.. NOT ME DANCING IT… 😛 And the dance was done with some of the wackiest guys I have ever seen..

Just watch this….

Most of the video are just crap… Anyway… Main points might be at 00.34 – 01.xx and 07:30 – onwards (video quality is v terrible) but then anything that can make BMng laugh out shudn’t be missed

Now theres a bunch of guys you wouldnt wanna miss a dance performance with… :the above video might be taken down at any time due to erm…. complaints from other dancers who wish to remain unknown to others – so if its missing… do understand what had happen but lucky the quality of the video is so bad that the dancers may not mind at all…:

The dance was so sweet… Even one of the lecturer came running after me for more than one semester to get the video of it from me.. OMG… We are popular… Haha… Anyway… Thats was unfortunately the last dance I took part it… Looking back now kinda makes me wanna dance again…

And at the same time I handled the money for the dinner… But am unfortunate to say that most of the money work has been done by the Finance manager for the dinner which was Ijad… Really thanks a lot for filling up my part as well… Doumo arigato gozaimasu~~~

Life was as it was… I was crazy with DotA and at some points spending a nite at K17 to play with others… And life was great even though it was busy and tired at the same time…

And then came 1st of April when I realized the one great weakness of mine.. Asking for help… 1st of April was the Student Mass cum Palm Sunday mass… which I was in charge of… But due to erm… my unwillingness to ask others to do stuff for me… and my laziness and my priorities given to studying more at the time… as well as my habit of running away when things start to get tough… The mass didnt went ok… Everything was unorganized… And in the end if Jnice and PrincessFio and a lot of others hadnt help me out on their own accord… The whole mass wont happen… This was the one time which I felt terrible throughout the year… But it wasnt the last of my feeling of terribleness…

~with WChng at the Student Mass at St Francis Xavier Church~


~Palm Sunday student mass (taken by Jnice)~


April was also the time when what Lilian Too mention early that year came true…. I got into a relationship… That just seemed wasn’t meant to be…

And April was also the time for Easter… At which a lot of ppl came for the Tridium Mass in chapel.

Its moments like this that makes you wanna try harder for the chapel… Even though there are those that think that we should just let things take its own course… If they wanna come then just come… If they dont wanna then its fine… (which I tot wasnt true but who could have tot that a few months later I will be having the same concept on life)


May and June came and went with me and Jstina at Labuan Hospital doing our Industrial training… by which I dont feel that we have learned much… We handled many different speciments… From bacteria to worms… to blood to HIV +ve blood… from urine to stools… and dealed with all sorts of patients… One of the most memorable moments during the training was when I successfully draw out the blood from a patient with the guidance of the nurse there… Really thankful for her for helping to teach me as well as to guide me… Too bad I didnt have a photo of that thou. But I do have a photo of Jstina being Jstina…



And then semester reopened again. And it was the juniors day… Was so happy to have gotten so many juniors in that year… Felt that the family of CSS seemed to have grown once more… Trying to make the juniors feel welcome was one thing.. But then I did a big mistake when playing around with some of my course juniors.. I made one cry and it was HORRIBLE… I still couldnt really forget about it till today… Really sorry… Didnt mean what I said… Sorry… You are all great juniors… I was the horrible one… 😦

~You all are the future for CSSUPM~


Then there was the time I got involved with a car accident near Alamanda… It was SzYn car…but also… you felt that pain in her heart for what had happened… Lucky noone got injured though

~lucky it wasnt anything serious but SzYn noticed the concerned on her frens when she returned to K17.. Thats good frens you have 🙂 ~


At the same time, I was also preparing for other events that is to come during the semester… Which was the Convo mass for CSS… And the convo mass was actually the start a lot of problems to me… And I can feel that might be the moment I have changed into a whole different Alan than the Alan that was before.

~Newly grads… Congratulations (taken by someone using Jnice camera)~

Why was that nite the night which I started to become someone else?? It becoz of what I felt that I have did sometimes which didnt mattered to anyone… That nite was a potluck fellowship and in the end… I was so sad to say that I was left behind by the others who went off… Luckily there was another guy left who isnt from UPM who willingly sent me to where they were at… The moment that I arrived and sat down at the small stall they are having supper was the worst… The feeling hadn’t come in a long long time… The feeling of holding back tears…~~ Haiz… And that nite onwards I was never the same anymore I guess…

I became as the saying above went… You dont wanna come then dont have to come lar… I dont care already… I lost my will to move onwards for the best of the society and even turned away for a few weeks to get myself back… But it was fruitless… Thanks Shmini for understanding and helping out when I turned away… I felt that I didnt have the determination I once had before that… And that was the time my whole world seemed to have crumbled down…

Doing task for CSS seems more to be a burden after that… Relunctantly I held on until the day I finally retired (which was recently) and things didnt seem the same no more for me… I didnt felt the need and the urge anymore to fight on… Not even for some of my studies as well as my obligations… To summarize… I became lazy and uncommited to a lot of things…

Grades seemed to have dropped… CSS seemed to be something really far away after that and I even got into arguments with many of my friends (even close ones) that some even last till today… I felt alone most of the time then… Even one of the course juniors noticed something like that and sent me an sms… saying ‘You seemed so alone’

And then things seemed to go worst… The relationship that I had with the girl sort of ended… There wasnt really a break up… It just stop just like that… Cuz I felt that she was taking advantage of me as well… Thinking that I couldnt be angry and so did stuff to somewhat test my patience and then one of the things she said was ‘its already the 3rd day… are you still angry…’ In the end, sadly I just couldnt hold on anymore… and it ended…

~the grip that didn’t last~

After that some close friends staying at the same flat who had graduated also left… Being in trouble with friends… Being broken up in a relationship and seeing the last of those whom I’m close with that are staying in the same flat leave… I really felt terrible…

~The grads who left for a new step in life (edited version becoz there is an underwear in the background of the full version~

And then it was the start of the final year project (FYP) which was lousy, tedious and tiring… Which didnt really help out with my situation… I had rats that died… rats that ran… rats that gave birth and worst off… the results of the test arent nice at all

Looking back at how it was..  I feel kinda pathetic..

But the long holidays did soothed my tiredness… And lets just say that I’m trying to get back the old me…Whichever way that is possible… And being with other friends who was always there also help out 🙂 Thanks to the K gang… Mitsuki, Anie and SYin and Blackie and my 8th wife Kwei for that memorable nite out in K.. I’ll never forget how Kwei dances… 😛 (I might get kill for posting this as well)

And I assure you that those singing arent on drugs that nite…. Cuz in the end… they got locked out from 17… and even so they are still dancing 😛 (Im making up stories again)

Anyway… just glad you all are ok that nite…

Looking at the above picture made me realize something… These 3 really look like 3 anime characters from the Anime Bleach… If there is a live movie done on it, I think they can go and audition… 🙂

Do you know which characters these 3 look like?? Watch the video below

Anyway… That was the previous year… Hope this year will be better … 🙂 wish you all the best as well