I’ll have two different words to describe it….





Anyway… I dont think I’ll be uploading the pictures from today’s work up here becoz it may seem to be a little bit disgusting for certain ppl… And that I hate to end up meeting with the ethics committee…  😛 Hahaha…

Anyway… Introducing the team that was form for today’s

Main dissector, forcefeeder and supposely freezer: Alan (me)

Anaesthetist and bleeder: Lkuan

1st dissector and erm… executer: Msoon

2nd dissector: Cteng

Photographer and 3rd dissector: SYin

Additional help provided by HYee in terms of puncture and tapao food person 😛

Thanks to all of them for making today possible 🙂


In the end it wasnt a race against time at all…. Since I scrapped off the freezing part… cuz I truly .. hontoni has no idea on how to do it… And noone has any experience in it as well… That was the saddening part actually.. Felt I let the Dr down again…

The tiring part is… 8am –> 5pm… Without food… And stomach came growling in the end…


Tomorrow will do the remaining 21… Hope it will go well also…

:Sorry… really cant up any photo for today 😛  :