Seeing as to how some of you might be wondering what force feeding is and how it seems to take up to 5 hours to do for a first timer, I decided to put in a step by step guide on force feeding.

1. Prepare the necessary items

You’ll need :

The gavage, which is the item that will go into the esophagus.


The syringe which you will use to take up your drug/extract/treatment item and also to attach the gavage to


And the subject.. which in this case is the rat


2. Then you must have a suitable workplace

My workplace is a bit messy with all the shit and piss of the rats I’ve done so far… But its still ok. And in my hand is the rat which is my subject for this tutorial. Pardon me for not wearing my labcoat 😛

3.You must have a tight grasp on the rats skin, that is to prevent the rat of struggling and trying to escape which might hurt itself when you are feeding it.

You can see that my grasp in this case was not really tight but it’s still enuff to get the job done. So with everything in place, you may start. Slowly allows the gavage to enter the mouth and then into the esophagus, if you meet with obstacles, its best to go slowly and try to find the hole and not forcing the whole thing down. After a while you will see it being like this

The whole gavage is in at this point and the rat will most probably be struggling by now. Push out the contents of the syringe into the stomach and then remove the gavage from the esophagus. Its best to do this quickly as this really cause stress to the animals which you do not want.

4. And there it is, the rat is happy cuz its done fast, and I’m happy

See the BIG smile on my face 😛


Anyway things can be tedious when you first start doing the process. Like how SYin did today,

At first she was like this


3 minutes later, she was like this


5 minutes after that, she was still like this

It might seem that she’s doing a lot, but thats the same rat…

And thats basically how I was when I started… Until after 5 hours, my spirit left my body….

Jia You ba SYin!!!