Dear Alan,

I know you’ve been stress out lately becoz of your Final Year Project, the Chapel’s Paintjob and losing your heart in CSSUPM. I know that you are feeling very lost and down at times, esp after ppl left you behind after the Graduation mass a few months ago and how you felt that you were the only one who cared about Rory when she came over the UPM to see Cibol’s graduation. I know that these incidents have made you questioned whether you shud continue to journey with others for CSSUPM. I understand that you have tried hard to keep doing what you tot was best even though there are those who didnt seem to appreciated it. I know that becoz of all these you have lost heart in many things related to CSSUPM and even lose your heart to go for mass or even to pray.  I also understand the laziness that you have adopted and how it is affecting a lot of the obligations that you are suppose to be doing esp your final year project as well as you’re failing attempts to rid yourself of the laziness. I know that not everything I say atm will seem true for many others. And that what I say maybe too much for some to accept as well.


But I really want you to understand that you shouldnt be going down this path. Many ppl needs you and you have to continue to strive. For those around you. For God and for CSSUPM. You shud understand that there are surely those who appreciates you and that you shud treasure they appreciation and continue to do your best. You shud also know that your co-supervisor do have a lot of hope on you to do her project and that you shud also try your hardest on it as not to fail to meet up with her expectations. I know that you felt lonely at times or even stress out but do remember that God is always with you. Even though the times you went for mass seems to be lesser and lesser, I hope that you will remember that God loves everyone, even those who wander away from Him and refuses to try to come back. I hope that you remember He will always open up his arms to you to welcome you home. Don’t give up Alan, not until the very end. Strive to do your best. Don’t keep yourself to the corner anymore but reach out. Reach out to others to help you out. Noone can stand alone in this world. And you shud know that there are others out there who will give you a hand to pull you up once you fall down. Treasure this part of them and don’t let them down.

I hope that you could take my advices into considerations and to continue to live a fruitful and happy life. I hope you don’t feel too disturbed by the all the bad points I have written up there but rather accept your weakness and face it. I hope that I can see you stand up again, even taller than before and smile a sincere smile to all around you.

And with that, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a joyous one as well. Do remember to continue to pray for help and guidance from the one who watches over all of us. God bless you always.