These couple of days have been busy, fun, very painstaking as well as tiring for me… Why?? In addition to settling stuff for the chapel paintjob, I have went to more shopping complexes in this one week compare to the amount of different complexes I visited last year…

The National treasure Pavilion trip

I went to Pavilion for the first time last Thursday to catch the movie National Treasure Book of Secrets which I really recommend it to everyone who likes adventure stories. And even though I’m still missing the spirit of Christmas, it doesnt dampen my mood to take pictures of the sceneries there.



The giant christmas tree and the walkway of people sitting down looking at it was really a refreshing new sight to me as oppose to what other malls may do my having ppl stand and admire the decorations, Pavilion has places for the ppl to sit and rest and to enjoy the decor and the music played.


The problem with this photo is definitely the lighting… But still Christy’s imoto looks great in there.

Another pleasent surprise for us is the Christmas special music show which happen to take place when we were there.




The musical was absolutely fantastic. I loved it.. Its too bad I didnt record it down… And doesnt seem to have it either… Anyway, if anyone is going to Pavilion anything be4 Christmas, do spend some time to watch the show. You wont regret it.


Christy once more in Starhill with Snowflakes falling down behind her… Yup… Its snowing indoors… How cool is that rite?


The decorations in Sg Wang aint too bad either

However walking thru all these malls cause be a great thing last Thursday. I didnt know that there ain’t going to be bus at 10pm… So waited and waited… In the end have to take taxi home from Times Square…$$ fly and my heart cries… Oh well~~~

And apparently someone was mad at me… I dunno why… Ask her… And start accusing me of many things I didnt know I was capable of…Sigh~~ Why things become like this? :(.. Now its like icy feeling only…

Enuff about that tho… I came across something when I was doing my lab


DON’T TOUCH YA DR ROSLIDA. That means I can touch it rite?? Haha:P

Crazy ice skating trip to Sunway

Just came back from a long trip to Sunway Pyramid earlier today with 4 other individuals. Lets see who they are and what they are doing there.


Yup… They are their to ice skate. The contenders are OKW, KMS, Annie and Blackie. Lets see how they fare for today

Estimated time in rink: A few seconds


Every starting in the rink is thru small steps by holding onto the side of the rink. Our contenders are doing so from the start. And eventually Blackie found out that taking one big step taken will cause him his first fall of the day (Unfortunately the only media on this is a video in KMS camera)

Est time: A few minutes later


But eventually they will have to leave the safety of the sides and venture into open ice. Here we see the guys being relunctant to part from the safety grips on the sides and Annie has to persuade them to move.


They look in horror as they see more and more ppl approaching where they are standing at. Annie calls out to KMS to help her by bringing the guys out from their safety zone


Blackie volunteer to go with Annie first with OKW and KMS following behind


Blackie and Annie move steadily across the open ice. Blackie and Annie seems to be having an intimate moment holding hands like that 🙂


While behind them KMS and OKW took a big fall… Whose fault was it?? We’ll never know… 😛

Est time: After one round around the rink


OKW decided retired early after the initial fall, going back into the box


The rest tried to persuade OKW to enter the rink once more.


And relunctantly he entered again. And all of them go in pairs again. KMS with Blackie this time and OKW with Annie. Moving next to each other. One pair in front and one pair behind. But a few moments later…


The two pairs are this far apart from each other… Oh no… Plus KMS and Blackie were seen to be hugging each other… Oh No (Video is with KMS)

Est time: One hour plus later


You can only see these two left on the rink… Where are the guys???


OMG!!! Lolz~~~ They retired from ice skating forever… 😛

Anyway… The Christmas decorations in Sunway is also quite merry…




We even have the chance to watch a live performance with cartoons from the Cartoon Network performing on stage:


Regardless of being tired… The trip was a smashingly enjoyable one !!!~~~