Been to lots of places lately. Watched a lot of movies as well. And I have lots of pictures to help tell the story…

Berjaya Times Square

Went with Christy and her little imoto (sister) and Cames (new friend) and his imoto just to watch Golden Compass (~for time x2 :p) .The movie was how I tot it was the 1st time I got it… And watching it a 2nd time doesnt change my opinion on it… Biggest upset to it will be the lack of a true and final ending for the story… Sigh… Anyway since its christmas time, the place is decorated with all sorts of decorations you’ll never see in Labuan 😛


Christy looks a little more refreshing with her curls now 😛




Christmas trees all over the place


There is even a barbie display with all sorts of barbies in wedding gowns…

There is also a Comic Fest there… Too bad I wasnt able to enter it… Sigh… A lot cosplayers around also.. The first I met that day was Lavi from D.Grayman… More or less putting my anime knowledge to the test. Also seen Elric Edward from Full Metal Alchemist… Sigh~~ Unfortunately didnt take any photos of them…


Christy imoto taken at gasoline

Midvalley Megamall

Went the day after the trip to Berjaya TS… This time to watch a second movie ”I am legend” which I still dont understand what its trying to say… Kinda disappointing… Going to a movie without understanding whats its about rite?? Sigh~~ Anyway this trip was with Shirley and C1 ~~ 2 leng lui 😛 Haha~~ The place is also filled with decorations of all sorts



Christmas tree here looks a lot better than the one in Berjaya TS


Shirley as a reindeer


Shirley as a ~~dog~~ but really looks like tat what:P


Beautiful rite?? Haha.. I dont mean the girls, I meant the background


Blurry me becomes even blurer in this photo taken by Shirley… Why you take photo sooo blur deeee??


Another nice background:P


A balloon reindeer.. First time for me to see this… It actually floats on the ground


The 2 girls again… And the decorations are actually butterflies


They went into mushroom world in SuperMario


Nicest picture all day…Haha… Without Shirley in it:P

And thats all with regards to my trip last weekend… Tiring but fun:P

Even though with the decorations all over the place, I still cant help feeling the spirit of christmas… I dont feel the joy of this year’s Christmas… How come~~~ Can anyone bring back the feeling of Christmas to me?


Its been more less weeks of waiting for my kids to reach 200g or so but treatment will begin on the 24th.. Christmas eve.. Haha… And I’ll have to be in the lab also on the 25th as well as on 1st January… There goes my holidays 😛 Sad cases at the guinea pigs part where the last of them died due to unknown causes…And they are soo cute..~~ Sigh~~

I actually felt a little jealous over everyone else project even thou some are also in trouble with their treatment… But at least they are doing something and they are learning loads… But I’m just static atm and feeding rats… Omg~~ I started to wonder whether I shud have changed another supervisor when I had the chance to do it…

In addition to that, my co-sup seems to have place high hopes on me or something becoz the current study will be added into a conference or something next April… OMG… So if I fail to obtain the good results that will mean that I failed her chances to submit the study into the conference… Sigh… So it’ll mean that this is a project that cannot fail… or rather must not fail… A do-or-die project… Sigh… So much pressure…Haiz…

Just in case I forgot… Wish all who read this a Merry Christmas… And hope mine is merry as well… :p