Well… I’m now the owner of 50 very naughty kids. Most who like to fight and won’t stay quiet and guai guai de to me. Haha… Do you wanna know them??


And they are white 😛 Anyway… They are cute in their own ways… I’ve seen one trying to chase its tail and running round and round until it got dizzy (Maybe its a symptom for something but lets hope its not)

And in a nearby cage I saw this… Cute ler ~~~ Too bad they are not mine 😛


Anyway problems and problems arises once more… Guess maybe cuz of my laziness and last minute attitude that got me kena tegur by my supervisor today…Sigh~~~ Hate the attitude of mine… Wanna be better but never seem to be able to change this habit. Haiz… And in the end everyone will have to rush… Even those who didnt have to rush in the beginning. Damn… Wanna changeeeeeeeee

Maybe because of that, I sorta have an unsettling heart now… You know… Sometimes stuff happens that you dont want to happen and you can just feel the discomfort in your chest… Thats what I’m feeling now… Sigh~~~ And ended up with me listening to ~Angel~ by Westlife… And hope I can find some comfort in the end…