Hmmm… I guess I knew what was bothering me nowadays. Till I could spend time thinking about it before I sleep and sometimes insonmia becoz of the thoughts. I guess it is all about the rats. Everytime I close my eyes… I see them… Haha… Anyway. Final year project will involve 50 rats and force feeding them everyday for 2 weeks.

What I’m worried about.

1. Force feeding- Never actually tried doing this before. Saw ppl done it and know what has to be done. But doing it and seeing others/ knowing how to do it is different. Sigh~~ I think the biggest problem will be to force feed them. I keep imagining myself doing it the wrong way and in the end kill them. The part where the tube shud go into is close to the part that goes to the lung and if I pump out the stuff in the wrong part… Well.. Byebye rats… Sigh~~ Felt a little regret for not trying it during the practical recently

2. Restraining – Rats are well… slightly harder to restrain than mice. And proper restraining will be required for proper feeding. Wonders what way is most appropriate for restraining.

3. Other conditions that may occur – Well… basically mentally not prepare will certainly bring more complications.

All in all- Pls help me God T.T