Allen Walker is a member of Kronos, or better known as the Black Order, a secret organization of Exorcist under the Vatican, with the purpose of stopping the Millenium Earl (the one who looks like the penguin), who plans to cleanse the world by destroying human beings by recreating Noah’s Great Flood.

The Exorcist is a group of special individuals instilled with the abilities to control Innocence, a substance which allows them to combat and destroy the Millenium Earl’s minions, Akuma (Demons -created when a dead is called back to the world by a loved one -kills the loved one and possess the body.). Innocence is said to be scattered all over the world and only those who are compatible with the Innocence are allowed to use them. Hence in their journey to stop the Millenium Earl’s plans, they will search for new Innocence and their compatible users. However, with the surfacing of the Noah clan (a group of people descendent of Noah himself – black skinned people with crosses engraved somewhere on their head), Exocist may find themselves in greater danger and lessening in numbers rather than finding new compatibles.

As the story progress, Allen Walker accompanied by Exorcist Lenalee and others will go through hardships, sadness and pain on their journey to see to the downfall of the Millenium Earl.


Allen Walker with TimCampy and Lenalee

Allen Walker with his Innocence activated

His cursed eye allowing him to see the souls of the Akuma

Exorcist Daisya Berry (left) facing off against Noah Clan Tiki.Daisya didnt make it 😦

General Kevin Yeegar, one of the four generals of the Black Order. He didn’t make it as well. Killed by another of the Noah clan

Exorcist Arystar Crowy, Innocence allow him to suck the life out of Akuma, replenishing his own health

Exorcist Miranda Lotto, Innocence allowing her to turn back time at a given space, returning freshly made wounds to how it was for a short period of time

Overall: A nice anime, Will keep you hook onto it for hours. Do watch it :). Can borrow from me as well.. Haha